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What is Wordle? - How to play, tips, and sharing to Twitter

One word, 24 hours, and every other tweet you see - but what in the world is Wordle?

Dark mode mock up of a Wordle board

In just a couple of months, Wordle has wormed its way through social media to become one of the most discussed games of early 2022. There’s no Triple-A title here though, not even a breakaway indie darling from a small group of developers. Instead, a solo puzzle creator has created this uncomplicated word game that has taken the world, and your aunt’s Twitter feed, by storm.

The concept is relatively easy to grasp. Every day there is a new Wordle, a mystery five-letter word that you have six attempts at guessing correctly. Despite the simplicity of the game’s design, many are confused about how and where they can play this popular puzzler. Fortunately, we’ve put together all the details you need for your once a day Wordle.

If you’re struggling, you can get the answer for Wordle today with our handy guide. Or, if one puzzle is too long to wait, take a peek at our picks for the best mobile puzzle games to keep your brain working in the long 24 hours between each new word. If Wordle isn’t cutting it for you on the Twitter gaming front, there’s now also a way to play Pokémon Red inside of a certain user’s avatar, which has already led to some pretty entertaining results (or lack of).

Where Can I Play Wordle?

Many potential players have been caught off guard by going straight to the App or Android store to look for Wordle, but you won’t find it there. Instead, this puzzle game goes old school, though not quite pen and paper old school, and is only officially playable via the creator’s website on a web browser. That isn’t to say there isn’t already a host of imitation games already available, but so far, none of these matches the simplicity and accelerating popularity of the original version.

How to Play Wordle

Once you’re on the Wordle page, you can take your first stab at the five-letter word of the day. If you guess a letter correctly and in the right place, it will become green; if you put a correct letter in the wrong place, it will be orange; and for any letter missing from the word, the text box will turn black. Your goal is to guess the whole word in under six tries and experience the satisfying all green reveal of a correct guess.

We’d recommend starting with words that contain as many vowels as possible, such as ‘AUDIO’ or ‘OUIJA’, as it’ll give you a good idea of the structure of the word before looking for consonants. Also, make note that some words will use a letter twice, but guessing it correctly in one position won’t alert you to the second appearance, so don’t count out a letter even if it already appears as green on your screen.

How Can I Share my Wordle Score on Twitter?

Twitter has been one of the driving forces behind the popularity of Worldle, with thousands of players sharing their scores daily. If you’re happy to share your result, you can join them by completing the puzzle and selecting share on the pop-up menu. The share option will copy your score to your clipboard, for you to paste and post smugly on Twitter, Facebook, family group chats or wherever else you can show off that big brainpower.

With all that, you should be able to Wordle with the best of them, and show the world just how good you are at guessing five-letter words. If that has you all puzzled out, find another game to take over your free time with our lists for the best board games on mobile, as well as the best card games currently available.