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Who is Wuthering Waves Scar?

Let’s see what we know about Wuthering Waves Scar, including whether he’ll be playable and any potential build or release date information.

Wuthering Waves Scar smirking at the camera wearing a red outfit

Sporting white hair and a sly grin, Wuthering Waves’ Scar paints the perfect picture of a villain, but what do we know about him? While he’s not currently a playable character, there is scope for him to join the roster in the future. Here’s what we can tell you about him so far.

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Who is Wuthering Waves’ Scar?

Scar is a member of the Fractsidus, an organization working toward reaching the next level of human evolution. Members of Fractsidus absorb Tacet Discords and go through a transformation. He believes that the Lament and its impending effects may bring in new evolutions and accelerated changes to humans’ physiology.

We meet him early on in the story and discover that he seeks out individuals who could join the cause and share the ideals of Fractsidus. This is where he meets the Rover as he attempts to recruit them to his cause.

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Will Wuthering Waves Scar be playable?

The question we’re all asking is whether Scar will be playable in Wuthering Waves. Going by our previous experience with Honkai Star Rail and Genshin, he does look like a playable character in terms of his design, lore, and stature.

As the Wuthering Waves release date isn’t here yet, we can’t say whether antagonists will become playable, and there also aren’t many leaks pertaining to potential releases, either. For now, we’ll have to wait patiently, but we’ll be sure to update this guide when we know more.

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