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Wuthering Waves Jiyan build and guide

Wuthering Waves Jiyan is a handsome five-star aero broadblade user, and in this build guide we explain how to best use his skills, weapons, echoes, and more.

Wuthering Waves' Jiyan standing in front of a mountain looking perturbed

Wuthering Waves’ Jiyan is quite the striking man, slashing onto the scene as the very first five-star character to feature on a limited banner. Wielding a broadblade and the power of aero, he’s a fierce fighter with a kit that focuses on dishing out heaps of devastating, wind-infused damage. In this build guide, we dive into Jiyan’s skills, best weapons and echoes, and more, so you can make the most of this heart-stopping husbando.

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Here’s everything in our Wuthering Waves Jiyan build:

Who is Wuthering Waves’ Jiyan?

Jiyan is a five-star aero character who uses the broadblade weapon type.

He’s the commander of Midnight Rangers, and is well-known for his strong sense of justice and resolution. Jiyan was born into a family devoted entirely to medicine, and grew to be both skilled and attentive in nature. However, he’s since given up on his peaceful life in the world of medicine, instead choosing to take up arms as a soldier fighting against the Tacet Discords.

We’re still learning about this handsome husbando, but we’ll be sure to update this guide with more info about his playstyle as we play more!

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What are Jiyan’s stats?

Here are all of Wuthering Waves Jiyan’s stats at both level one and level 90 (max level). This doesn’t include bonuses from weapons or other equipment.

Stat Level one Level 90
HP 839 10,488
Attack 35 438
Defense 97 1,186
Max energy 125 125
Crit rate 5% 5%
Crit damage 150% 150%
Healing bonus 0% 0%
Aero damage 0% 0%

What are Jiyan’s skills?

Here are all of Jiyan’s skills and abilities.

Jiyan active skills

Skill Effect
Basic attack: Lone Lance Perform up to five consecutive attacks, dealing aero damage
Heavy attack: Lone Lance Consume stamina to thrust forward, dealing aero damage
Heavy attack: Windborne Strike Hold basic attack during a heavy attack to unleash a mid-air strike after the heavy attack ends, dealing aero damage
Heavy attack: Abyssal Slash Release basic attack during a heavy attack to unleash an Abyssal Slash after the heavy attack ends, dealing aero damage
Mid-air attack Consume stamina to throw a spear from the air and stab the ground, dealing aero damage. After the spear stabs the ground, you can launch an additional basic attack to deal more aero damage
Mid-air attack: Skyfall After casting a heavy attack mid-air strike or the resonance skill Wind Sweep in the air, perform an aerial attack, dealing aero damage
Dodge counter After a successful dodge, use a basic attack to attack the target with a spear, dealing aero damage
Resonance skill: Windqueller Dash forward a set distance, dealing aero damage. You can cast this while in the air
Resonance liberation: Emerald Storm: Prelude Jiyan enters the Qingloong mode. In this mode, use a basic attack or heavy attack to cast the Lance of Qingloong. Unleash a heavy attack Lance of Qingloong to perform up to three continuous attacks, dealing aero damage, considered as heavy attack damage
Intro skill: Tactical Strike Jiyan wields his spear and stabs the target from the air, causing aero damage
Outro skill: Discipline When the next character’s heavy attack hits a target, Jiyan summons Qingloong to launch a coordinated attack, dealing aero damage equal to a high percentage of Jiyan’s attack. This attack lasts for eight seconds and can trigger once every second, up to two times

Jiyan passive skills

Skill Effect
Forte circuit: Qingloong at War When casting resonance skill Windqueller, if Jiyan has 30 Resolve or more, he consumes 30 Resolve and increases Windqueller’s damage by 20%
When Jiyan is in Qingloong mode, damage of resonance skill Windqueller increases by 20% and no longer consumes Resolve.Resonance Liberation: Emerald Storm: Finale – when casting resonance liberation Emerald Storm: Prelude, if Jiyan has 30 Resolve or more, he consumes 30 Resolve and casts Emerald Storm: Finale instead, dealing increased aero damage, considered as heavy attack damage. You can cast Emerald Storm: Finale in mid-air at low altitudeResolve – Jiyan can hold up to 60 Resolve. He gains Resolve when his normal attack Lone Lance or intro skill Tactical Strike hits a target. If Jiyan doesn’t hit a target within seconds, his Resolve begins to gradually decrease
Inherent skill: Heavenly Balance After casting the intro skill Tactical Strike, Jiyan’s basic attack and heavy attack bonuses increase by 8% for 14 seconds
Inherent skill: Tempest Taming When Jiyan hits a target, his critical hit chance increases by 1%. This stacks up to ten times, and each stack lasts for eight seconds

Chibi art Wuthering Waves' Jiyan showing him holding a cup of tea and looking out of a window

What is Jiyan’s resonance chain?

If you manage to pull more than one copy of Jiyan, you can unlock the next skill in his resonance chain sequence. Here are Jiyan’s resonance chain skills.

Resonance chain sequence Effect
Sequence one – Benevolence Jiyan can use his resonance skill Windqueller one more time. It also decreases the Resolve cost by 15
Sequence two – Versatility After casting intro skill Tactical Strike, Jiyan gains 30 Resolve, and his attack increases by 28% for 15 seconds. This effect can trigger once every 15 seconds
Sequence three – Spectation When casting Windqueller, Emerald Storm: Prelude, Emerald Storm: Finale, or Tactical Strike, Jiyan’s crit rate increases by 16% and his crit damage increases by 32% for eight seconds
Sequence four – Prudence When Jiyan casts Emerald Storm: Prelude or Emerald Storm: Finale, the heavy attack damage bonus of all team members increases by 25% for 30 seconds
Sequence five – Resolution Increases the damage multiplier of Jiyan’s outro skill by 120%. When his attacks hit a target, his attack also increases by 3% for eight seconds, stacking up to 15 times. This effect immediately hits max when he casts his intro skill, Tactical Strike
Sequence six – Fortitude Every time Jiyan uses his heavy attack, Tactical Strike, or Windqueller, he gains one stack of Momentum, stacking up to two times. Casting Emerald Storm: Finale consumes all Momentum, and each stack increases the move’s damage multiplier by 120%

What’s the best weapon for Jiyan?

Wuthering Waves Jiyan’s best weapon is Verdant Summit, a five-star broadblade that offers a heavy boost to his personal damage.

If you haven’t got your paws on that yet, the four-star weapon Autumntrace is a strong alternative, offering a stackable boost to his attack whenever he deals basic or heavy attack damage.

Jiyan weapon Effect
Verdant Summit Increases the damage bonus of all resonance attributes by 12%. Every time Jiyan casts his intro skill or resonance liberation, it also increases his heavy attack damage bonus by 24%, stacking up to two times. This effect lasts for 14 seconds
Autumntrace When Jiyan deals basic attack damage, his attack increases by 4%, stacking up to five times. This effect lasts for seven seconds, and can trigger once every second

What are the best echoes for Jiyan?

As of the second closed beta, these are the best echoes for Jiyan.

Slot Echo
Main echo Feilian Beringal
Sub-echo slot one Whiff Whiff
Sub-echo slot two Chaserazor
Sub-echo slot three Cyan-Feathered Hero
Sub-echo slot four Chirpuff

Equipping Jiyan with these echoes activates the following bonuses:

  • Sierra Gale
    • Two equipped: increases aero damage by 10%
    • Four equipped: increases aero damage by 30% for 15 seconds after Jiyan uses his intro skill
  • Moonlit Clouds
    • Two equipped: increases energy regen by 10%

Wuthering Waves' Jiyan looking over his shoulder and holding his spear

What are Jiyan’s ascension materials?

You can level Wuthering Waves’ Jiyan all the way up to level 90, but you need to use specific materials to ascend him at certain intervals along the way. We currently only know what you need to get him to rank four, but we’ll be sure to update this guide as we continue to ascend him.

Here are all of Jiyan’s ascension materials:

Level Shell credits Materials
Rank one – level 20 5k Four LF howler core
Rank two – level 40 10k Three roaring rock fist, four pecok flower, and four MF howler core
Rank three – level 50 15k Six roaring rock fist, eight pecok flower, eight MF howler core
Rank four – level 60 20k Nine roaring rock fist, 12 pecok flower, four HF howler core

Here’s where to get all of Jiyan’s ascension materials:

  • LF, MF, HF, and FF howler cores – obtain from normal enemies, the store, the weapon shop, or forgery challenges
  • Pecok flowers – gather in the overworld from around Taoyuan Village, southwest of Qichi Village, or purchase from Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou
  • Roaring rock fist – obtain from the Feilian Beringal boss in Dim Forest, Giant Banyan


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