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Wuthering Waves union level rewards

Wuthering Waves union level rewards can give some valuable astrite, lustrous tide, and crystal solvent for simply playing the game. But how do you claim them?

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Wuthering Waves is the brand-new gacha game from Kuro Games, and like with other massive gacha titles, it comes with an almost overwhelming amount of items, crafting materials, weapons, and collectibles. One such way to get your hands on these valuables is to work through the Union Level system and claim some Wuthering Waves union level rewards.

You’re probably wondering how exactly you collect union level rewards once you get everything you need. Fear not, we’re here to talk you through everything you need to know about the union level system, how to claim the rewards, and how to level up fast.

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Let’s take a look at how to claim Wuthering Waves union level rewards.

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Unlock Wuthering Waves union level rewards

You don’t automatically receive your Wuthering Waves union level rewards, you need to actually unlock them to claim them. You start to gain union level experience pretty much as soon as you start playing this sprawling RPG, but you won’t have any way to claim your hard-earned rewards until you pass a certain milestone.

You need to complete all of the introductory quests in the main capital, Jinzhou, before you can get your hands on the union level rewards waiting for you. But, when you leave the capital, you’re able to start claiming some valuable items to help you in your adventures.

Claim your Wuthering Waves union level rewards

Once you leave Jinzhou behind, you can start to claim your union level rewards. All you need to do is head to the event tab in the Awakening Journey section of the main menu. The event tab is available as soon as you leave Jinzhou, but you have to reach level five before you can bag your first union level reward.

It works in much the same way as the adventure rank system in Genshin Impact, as these levels increase naturally the more you play the game. But once you hit a certain level, you’ll be able to bring home the bacon with some valuable freebies.

wuthering waves awaking journey section of menu

How to increase your union level

You might not quite be at the required level when you leave Jinzhou, so the best way to increase your union level is to simply… Play the game. It’s as easy as that. Make sure to use your Sensore Module to help you look for chests, do battle with some baddies that lay in your way, or just follow whatever quest line you choose.

All of these methods are surefire ways to increase your union level, and there are five different stages that you can work toward. The first level you need to reach in order to start unlocking union level rewards is level five. Once you reach this, you can claim your union level rewards whenever you choose.

What are Wuthering Waves union level rewards?

Like we said, there are several different stages to aim toward when increasing your union level. The first is level five, and then the requirements increase gradually, with certain levels unlocking rewards. We’ve listed out all of the available union level rewards for you below.

  • Union level five
    • Five lustrous tide
    • 200 astride
  • Union level 15
    • Five lustrous tide
    • 400 astride
  • Union level 25
    • 15 lustrous tide
    • Two crystal solvent
  • Union level 35
    • 15 lustrous tide
    • Four crystal solvent
  • Union level 45
    • Five-star weapon supply chest
    • 1k astride

But there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about unlocking Wuthering Waves union level rewards. You won’t have to claim them via mail as they’re automatically added to your inventory, so you can go forth and adventure at will.

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