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Wuthering Waves Calcharo guide and build

Looking to build your Wuthering Waves Calcharo? We've got the best echoes and weapons, along with what you need to ascend him in our guide.

Wuthering Waves Calcharo, you know, the silver-haired guy that looks a bit like Sephiroth, is a solid electro DPS, and you can pick him as your chosen five-star as you work through the game. Our Calcharo build helps you to make sure he does plenty of damage and slashes through enemies left and right.

Before you get building, grab all the Wuthering Waves codes, and then check our Wuthering Waves tier list to see which Wuthering Waves characters are the best in Kuro Games’ free-to-play RPG.

Here’s everything in our  Wuthering Waves’ Calcharo build and guide:

Who is Wuthering Waves Calcharo?

Calcharo – pronounced as cal-car-o – is a bit of a mystery man in Wuthering Waves. During one of the game’s beta tests, he got a formal introduction, but now that we’re in the game’s full release he’s unfortunately nowhere to be seen in the story just yet.  He’s a mercenary and is the leader of the merc group Ghost Hounds, which hail from the New Federation area.

In-game, Calcharo is one of the standard pool’s five-stars, meaning you can get him if you lose a 50/50 – but let’s be honest, it’s more like winning. The best weapons you can equip him with are the Autumntrace or Verdant Summit, and a full set of void thunder echoes works incredibly well for him. You can use a two-piece set of lingering tunes to boost his attack, too.

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What are Calcharo’s stats?

Below are all of Calcharo’s base stats at levels one and 90, without weapon or echo buffs included.

Stat Level one Level 90
HP 840 10500
Attack 35 438
Defense 97 11863
Max energy 125 125
Crit rate 5% 150%
Crit damage 5% 150%
Healing bonus 0% 0%
Electro damage bonus 0% 0%

What are Calcharo’s skills?

Here are all of Calcharo’s skills in battle, including his intro and outro skills and inherent talents that automatically boost your damage.

Calcharo’s active skills

Skill Effect
Basic attack: Gnawing Fangs Calcharo performs up to four consecutive strikes dealing electro damage to targets
Heavy attack: Gnawing Fangs Calcharo consumes a set amount of stamina to attack a target dealing heavier electro damage
Mid-air attack Consuming more stamina, Calcharo leaps into the air and plunges, causing electro damage
Dodge counter Using Calcharo’s basic attack after a successful dodge deals electro damage to the target
Resonance skill: Extermination Order Calcharo performs up to three consecutive strikes dealing electro damage. If you swap off Calcharo or this skill is not performed for a while, it enters cooldown. This skill does not interrupt Calcharo’s basic attack combo
Resonance liberation: Phantom Etching

Calcharo attacks the target and deals electro damage – while also entering the Deathblade Gear state. When the state ends, his next intro skill turns into Necessary Means, which deals electro damage as intro skill damage.

Deathblade Gear –
Calcharo’s basic attack turns into Hounds Roar, and his dodge counter deals extra damage

Hounds Roar –
Calcharo performs up to five consecutive strikes, dealing electro damage

Intro skill: Wanted Outlaw Calcharo attacks the target and deals electro damage
Outro skill: Shadowy Raid Calcharo summons Phantom to support the on-field character and clears targets with a slash. The Phantom’s attack deals electro damage equal to 195% + 361% of Calcharo’s attack stat

Calcharo’s passive skills

Skill Effect
Forte circuit: Hunting Mission Heavy attack – Mercy:
When Calcharo has three stacks of Cruelty, his heavy attack turns into Mercy. When using this, Calcharo consumes the three Cruelty stacks and deals heavy attack damage, while recovering resonance and concerto energy. The Cruelty stacks cannot be gained when Calcharo is in the Deathblade Gear state
Inherent skill: Bloodshed Awaken When using Calcharo’s heavy attack – Mercy – his resonance liberation damage bonus increases by 10% for 15 seconds
Inherent skill: Revenant Rush When Death Messenger hits a target, the damage taken by Calcharo reduces by 15% for five seconds

What is Calcharo’s resonance chain?

If you happen to get more than one copy of Calcharo in Wuthering Waves, you can unlock levels of his ‘resonance chain.’ Here are the different levels and their perks.

Resonance chain sequence Effect
Sequence node one – Covert Negotiation When Extermination Order hits a target, Calcharo recovers an extra ten energy
Sequence node two – Zero-Sum Game When Calcharo uses Wanted Criminal or Necessary Means, his resonance skill damage bonus increases by 30% for 15 seconds
Sequence node three – Iron Fist Diplomacy During the Deathblade Gear state, Calcharo’s electro damage bonus increases by 25%
Sequence node four – Dark Alliance After using Shadowy Raid, the electro damage bonus of all team members increases by 20% for 30 seconds
Sequence node five – Unconventional Compact Wanted Criminal and Necessary Means deal 50% more damage
Sequence node six – The Ultimatum When casting Death Messenger, Calcharo summons two Phantoms to perform coordinated attacks. Each Phantom deals electro damage equal to 100% of Calcharo’s attack

Wuthering Waves calcharo during his combat moves showing his glowing eyes

What’s the best weapon for Calcharo?

The Verdant Summit is essentially Calcharo’s signature weapon and, as such, is his best in slot. If you don’t find yourself with one of these swords, there are other good options for him.

Weapon Effect
Verdant Summit (five-star) Increases damage of all resonance attributes by 12%. Every time Calcharo uses an intro skill or resonance liberation, his heavy attack damage increases by 24%, and can stack twice
Autumntrace (four-star) Increases attack when dealing basic or heavy attacks, and can stack five times. This lasts for seven seconds and can trigger once every second
Lustrous Razor (four-star) Increases energy regeneration. When Calcharo uses his resonance skill, his resonance liberation damage increases. This can stack twice and lasts for 12 seconds
Guardian Broadblade (three-star) Increases Calcharo’s basic and heavy attack damage by 12%

What are the best echoes for Calcharo?

For Calcharo, you’re going to want to equip him with electro damage boosting and attack stat echoes, ideally in the void thunder set. Going for a two-piece set of the void thunder echoes for the electro damage bonus, and the lingering tunes set for the attack boost is a good bet, but a five-piece of void thunder is excellent for him.

In terms of which echoes to aim for specifically, the Tempest Mephis, Violet Feathered Heron, and Flautist are good choices. Remember that to get the five-piece bonus, you need five different types of echo.

Calcharo stat recommendations

When picking out which echoes to put on Calcharo, we recommend prioritizing the following stats:

Main stats

  • Crit damage/crit rate
  • Electro damage bonus
  • Attack


  • Crit rate/crit damage
  • Attack
  • Energy regeneration

What’s the best Calcharo team comp?

Calcharo, as your DPS, benefits from party members who can buff his damage, heal him, and provide shields. There are a few options at present, but here are the best synergies for Calcharo:

  • Wuthering Waves Yinlin – Yinlin is a key part of Calcharo’s best team, as she provides both resonance liberation and electro damage boosts with her outro skill, so remember to swap between her and Calcharo regularly.
  • Wuthering Waves Verina – To keep you safe and in perfect health during battle, you should use Verina. She can also boost Calcharo’s damage with her inherent skill’s 20% attack buff. Verina can also save Calcharo from fatal damage once during a battle with her inherent skill. You can also use Baizhi to provide healing if you don’t have Verina.
  • Wuthering Waves Sanhua – For a free unit, Sanhua’s abilities are really quite good. Her outro skill boosts Calcharo’s resonance liberation damage by 38% and can assist in generating concerto energy.
  • Wuthering Waves Jianxin – Jianxin is key for most team comps when heading into hefty battles like the calamity tacet discord fights. When her forte circuit is ready, you can hold her attack to deal damage but also grant a shield, which strengthens the longer you hold it. Jianxin can also provide some healing and can deepen Calcharo’s damage with her outro skill.

This is the best Calcharo team comp in Wuthering Waves:

Slot one Slot two Slot three


Wuthering Waves Verina icon

What are Calcharo’s ascension materials?

Here is the full list of the materials you need to ascend Calcharo through the levels and max him out.

Ascension rank Materials required
One – level 20 5k shell credits and four crude rings
Two – level 40 10k shell credits, four iris flowers, three hidden thunder tacet cores, four basic rings
Three – level 50 15k shell credits, eight iris flowers, six hidden thunder tacet cores, eight basic rings
Four – level 60 20k shell credits, 12 iris flowers, nine hidden thunder tacet cores, four improved rings
Five – level 70 40k shell credits, 16 iris flowers, 12 hidden thunder tacet cores, eight improved rings
Six – level 80 80k shell credits, 20 iris flowers, 16 hidden thunder tacet cores, four tailored rings

Here are the locations where you can find Calcharo’s ascension materials:

  • Iris flowers – these flowers appear in the Whining Aix Mire area and you can purchase 15 of them from the Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou
  • Hidden thunder tacet cores – these are boss drops from the Tempest Mephis located in Huanglong-Central Plains
  • Crude, basic, improved, and tailored rings  – you can purchase these rings at the weapon shop in Jinzhou, you can synthesize them into higher rarities, and find them as drops from enemies
  • Shell credits – shell credits are the in-game currency and can be farmed, earned from enemies and boss drops, or exchanged in the store

Wuthering Waves Calcharo's splash art on a purple background

What are Calcharo’s forte materials?

Upgrading Calcharo’s skills and forte moves is key to getting the most damage out of him. Here are the forte materials you need for Calcharo:

  • 25 crude rings, 28 basic rings, 40 improved rings, and 57 tailored rings
    • Obtain from enemies, Jinzhou’s weapon shop, or the exchange store (oscillated coral)
  • 25 waveworn residue 210, 28 waveworn residue 226, 55 waveworn residue 235, and 67 waveworn residue 239
    • Obtain from the Eroded Ruins forgery challenge, via the synthesizer, Jinzhou’s weapon shop, or Jinzhou’s souvenir store
  • 26 monument bells
    • Obtain from the Bell-Borne Geochelone weekly challenge
  • 2,030,000 shell credits

Calcharo skill priority

When leveling up Calcharo’s skills, we recommend prioritizing them in the following order:

  • Forte circuit > resonance liberation > resonance skill > basic attack >  intro skill

Keep in mind that her standard rotation doesn’t require her basic attack at all, so you can actually leave that unleveled if you wish.

There you have it – the best Calcharo build out there. For more help with other strong characters, check out our builds for Wuthering Waves Jiyan, Wuthering Waves Yinlin, and Wuthering Waves Scar.