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Zold Out tier list and reroll guide

With our Zold Out tier list you can discover who the most badass characters are, then consult our Zold Out reroll guide to ensure you get who you want

Zold Out tier list - an angry looking dragon

If you like anime girls and mobile RPGs, you’re bound to love Zold Out as you work to save the world with a band of badass women that can’t wait to kick some butt. Of course, some of these ladies are more capable than others when it comes to battle, so in our Zold Out tier list, we aim to let you know who can lead you to victory and who might cause you to wave the white flag of surrender. We also have a Zold Out reroll guide to help ensure you get the character you want.

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Anyway, onto our Zold Out tier list.

Zold Out tier list - key art

Zold Out tier list

Rank Zold Out characters
S Morgan, Ashley, Gloria, Karen, Natalie
A Faustina, Luther
B Aurura, Hilda, Irene, Dawn, Veronica
C Keith, Gino, Jane, Ella, Margarete, Adelaide
D Gail, Karl, Josh, Tess, Afra, Norman, Celia, Rosetta
E Milly, Carolyn, Rae, Doris

How do I perform a Zold Out reroll?

Like a lot of gacha games, you can reroll should you not get the character you want in Zold Out if you:

  • Launch the game
  • Use a guest account
  • Complete the tutorial
  • Go to the mailbox in the lobby to get your pre-registration rewards
  • Head to the recruit menu
  • Use you pre-registration goodies to pull for characters
  • Should you get who you want, great! If not you need to:
    • Go to settings
    • Tap account management
    • Hit reset account
    • Tap yes
    • Repeat the aforementioned steps until you get who you want

There you have it, our Zold Out tier list and reroll guide. Should you be after something different yet similar to play, you can’t go wrong with our best mobile RPGs guide.