Cuphead mobile release speculation

If you want to know if Cuphead mobile is happening, we intend to find out in this guide, as we take a look at a possible smartphone version of the game

Cuphead mobile - Cuphead and Mugman stood on small clouds facing a dragon in the sky

We know that many people want Cuphead mobile, so it’s time to look at all the details surrounding the idea, such as release date, region availability, and whether or not it could be on both iOS and Android devices. Of course, given that the main game has a sequel in the works, as we discuss in our Cuphead 2 release date guide, there’s a chance that a mobile version for the original isn’t on the cards, or could be some time away if it is.

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Let’s dive into our Cuphead mobile guide.

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Cuphead mobile release date speculation 

We have no idea if or when the game will be on mobile. However, if you’re keen to give it a go right now, you can head over to Tap Tap, where a version of it is available for iOS devices. Though proceed with caution, as it’s not an official version of the game and is, therefore, unlikely to meet your expectations.

Cuphead Mobile - Cuphead and Mugman in a thatre getting right to fight a blonde-haired boss with an orange umbrella

Cuphead mobile platforms 

Of course, until an official announcement is made regarding Cuphead mobile, we can’t say for certain what devices it will be on, though if the game does see the light of day, we’d be surprised it isn’t on Android and iOS.

There you have it, everything we have on Cuphead mobile right now. To actually play the game, you can head over to our Cuphead download guide to learn more about the platforms it’s on.