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It’s lights out for Alien: Blackout as 505 Go shutters the mobile game

Mobile horror game Alien: Black Out shuts down later this month, ending its four-year run on the market - it’s time to say farewell to the child of Ellen Ripley

Alien: blackout shutdown - Ellen Ripley hiding from the alien

It’s time to say goodbye to Amanda Ripley, as Alien: Blackout shuts down later this month. First released in 2019, Alien: Blackout serves as a follow-up to Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation. You take control of Ellen Ripley’s daughter once more, guiding her through seven different levels set aboard the Weyland-Yutani space station. Yes, she escapes Sevastopol only to find herself squaring off against the Xenomorph again.

Publisher 505 Go announced the news on Twitter (X), confirming that Alien: Blackout is leaving both the App Store and Google Play On October 31, 2023, so if you want to add this to your horror games collection, you’d best act fast. Honestly, the sun setting on this title at Halloween seems like a fitting end after a four-year run. However, it’s important to note that you still have access following the shutdown if you own the game.

The decision to shutter Alien: Blackout may seem like a confusing one to some, given mobile games that get this treatment tend to be live service, whereas Blackout has nothing of the sort. It’s hard to say why 505 Go made this decision; one possibility is licensing and having the rights to the Alien IP. Of course, others may well hold out hope that shutting down Alien: Blackout means a true sequel to Alien Isolation is on the way.

Sadly, with the expected layoffs at Creative Assembly, we can’t see an Alien Isolation 2 Switch release any time soon, if ever. It’s a shame, as Amanda Ripley’s first adventure is truly one of the best Alien games out there.

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If you’re yet to play Alien: Blackout and want to before it’s lights out, you can still buy it for $0.99/ £0.99 through the App Store and Google Play. When the time comes to leave the horror gem behind, you can count on our Resident Evil games and zombie games guides to bring the spooks.