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The best alien games on Switch and mobile

Our guide to the best alien games will help you find the best interactive intergalactic adventures, so, let us beam you up. In space, nobody can hear you game.

Custom image for best Alien games with the Martian from Destroy All Humans

Look, I love aliens, and I really love alien games. But I’m not talking about the movie (Alien is better, don’t @ me). I’m talking about extra-terrestrial little guys, from greys, xenomorphs, Paul, E.T., to everything in between. Luckily there are many alien games for everyone to enjoy, so this list has the best of the bunch and is ready to probe a huge pile of recommendations straight into your brain. Strap in, as we go where no gamer has gone before.

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Let’s perform an information autopsy and dissect our guide to the best alien games.

Alien games: a screenshot from Alien Isolation shows the player holding a radar, and hiding from the Xenomorph

Alien Isolation – Nintendo Switch and mobile

Alien (and Aliens, I love them both, honestly) are perfect films, but the many attempts since to recapture the magic are all…lacking. Luckily, where the movies miss the mark, one game succeeds. Alien Isolation is set years after the events of Alien, and you play as Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda. The young woman must explore an abandoned spacecraft after she responds to a distress call, but things quickly go wrong.

While some Alien games try to recapture the action of Aliens, Isolation instead is a cramped, dark, and terrifying game of cat and mouse. The Xenomorph is a true monster, and the feeling of dread from even the tiniest glimpse is unparalleled. If you have the stomach for it, this is the purest version of the Alien franchise outside of the (only) two good movies.

Alien games: a screenshot from XCOM shows a grid-based level, with alien units littered throughout

XCOM 2 Collection – Nintendo Switch and mobile

As the late Olivia Newton-John said (I think), let’s get tactical, tactical! XCOM 2 puts you in charge of Earth’s last defense as aliens land and attempt to turn the population into mincemeat.

Much like Fire Emblem, you control your units over a grid-based level, and when units fall, they’re gone for good. You can even name your soldiers after your mates, though it’s a bit awkward when you have to explain to Gary that an alien grey has annihilated him.

Alien games: a screenshot from Destroy All Humans shows an Alien grey running while brandishing some sort of ray

Destroy All Humans – Nintendo Switch

If there’s a game that does what it says on the tin, this is it. Destroy All Humans lets you live out your alien invasion fantasy, as you put the terror in extra-terrestrial, and explore 1950s America with an array of out-of-this-world weaponry.

Playing as Crypto-137, your job is to overthrow the government, and luckily you can have some fun while you do it thanks to the game’s abundance of charm and quirky humor. It’s a bit of a cult classic. Just give it half an hour of your time and you’ll understand why.

Alien games: a man holding abeam katana swipes at a gigantic alien creature

No More Heroes 3 – Nintendo Switch

Suda-51 and Grasshopper bring it home in the trilogy capper, as No More Heroes 3 is just as wild, wacky, and downright weird as the previous two entries.

Travis is on a mission to stop an alien invasion, and this involves taking out the best assassins in the galaxy. We awarded it a solid 8/10 in our No More Heroes 3 review, but you can also read our Suda-51 interview for even greater insight into what makes the game tick.

Alien games: an intricate series of menus is layered over a topographic map of an alien ocean floor

In Other Waters – Nintendo Switch

Looking for something more contemplative and serene? In Other Waters is a masterclass in minimalism, and the sci-fi narrative speaks to the marine biologist in my heart.

Playing as a scientist exploring an alien world, you navigate the oceans of another planet, and the findings lead to a bigger mystery. You spend most of your time looking at menus, but the UI, visuals, and incredible score all help to keep me hooked until the end.

Alien games: a FPS view shows a large rifle shooting at an alien soldier on a beach

Crysis Remastered Trilogy – Nintendo Switch

There was a time when Crysis ruled the FPS world, used to test PCs and show off what ‘next generation’ visuals truly were. Well, now you can carry the gorgeous FPS adventure in your pocket (if you have big pockets) with the entire Crysis trilogy on Switch.

As aliens invade North Korea, you are a super-soldier with an impressive set of weapons who just might be able to turn the tide. It’s one of the more intense options on this list, with plenty of action-packed sequences and gun battles, leaving very little to the imagination.

Alien games: a screenshot from Among Us shows an alien skewering a cremate

Among Us – Nintendo Switch and mobile

I know, I know. You probably know all about Among Us, as the popular multiplayer game continues to take over popular culture, even appearing in movies. But just in case… imagine John Carpenter’s The Thing on a spaceship, and you and your friends take turns being the crewmate or the alien imposter. There’s a reason it’s so popular, as Among Us is a riot with the right group, and everyone should play it at least once.

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Well, beam me up folks, because this alien games guide is over. With any luck, you can find the perfect alien game for you in our list, but if we haven’t yet quelled your thirst for nerdy knowledge, do teleport over to our articles covering the best Switch board games, and the best Switch Metroidvanias next. Or, if you’re more concerned with taking over this planet with the power of capitalism, see our free Monopoly Go dice guide.