Among Us has now surpassed 200 million downloads on mobile

Spectacularly popular social-deduction game, Among Us, has surpassed 200 million downloads on Android and iOS. Sensor Tower’s latest data indicates that the game has been download 217 million times all-in-all, with a whopping 75 million of those  falling in October alone. This ranks Among Us above even mobile powerhouses like Garena Free Free and Subways Surfers, making it the most downloaded game in October, as well as the first week of November.

For those who’ve somehow missed out, Among Us is a social deduction game closely modeled after popular party games, Mafia and Werewolf. The game revolves around you and a group of friends fighting for survival by completing a variety of mini-game-like tasks. The only problem is that there’s an imposter among you (wink), trying to sabotage your plans and covertly kill off crew members, all while avoiding suspicion. When a body is found, players choose who to accuse, and evict them from the group (as well as life).

It’s a fun combination of humour and horror, which when you consider its influences range from scary films like The Thing to fun party games, makes a lot of sense.

If you want to see some play from the game, you can watch the original trailer below:

Sensor Tower also reports that Among Us has earned $39 million dollars on mobile, where the game is free-to-play, and its monetisation mainly revolves around buying character cosmetics.

Though Among Us launched back in 2018, its massive surge in popularity came about mainly through big Twitch streamers showcasing the game and playing it live.

So if murdering and manipulating friends sounds like a good time, you can download Among Us on Google Play and the App Store. For some helpful tips to get started, see our Among Us guide!