Among Us download – how to get it on mobile, PC, and Switch

Looking to download Among Us on all of your devices? Use our handy guide to find out how to download it on PC, Switch, mobile and more

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There are few better easy-going games to play with family or friends than Among Us. But it’s often a bit of a trial trying to explain how to get it, especially to those that aren’t regular gamers. It’d be a shame to miss out on stabbing your family and friends in the back over something as simple as a download, so that’s where we come in. In our Among Us download guide we explain every way that you can currently get the game, whether on Android, iOS, PC, or console.

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Anyway, let’s get into our Among Us download guide.

Among Us Android and APK download

One of the best things about playing on mobile is that you can get Among Us free. To download Among Us on Android, simply head to Google Play and tap ‘install’. It’s that simple.

You can also get the Among Us APK on Android, which allows you to manually install and update the game. You can download it on APKPure.

Among Us iOS download

To get Among Us on iOS, just head to the App Store and tap to download it.

Unfortunately, Among Us isn’t available for other Apple devices just yet, but we’ll hopefully get an Among Us Mac version before too long.

Among Us Switch download

If you want to get Among Us on Switch you have to pay. But lucky for you, InnerSloth recently lowered the price, so you can pick it up on the eShop for $5 (£4).

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Among Us PC

There are two ways to get Among Us on PC. Here’s what they are:

  • Buy Among Us on Steam for £2.99/$3.49
  • Play Among Us on BlueStacks for free

Among Us PS4

You can get Among Us on PS4 either by downloading it from the Playstation Store for £3.29, or grabbing the physical Crewmate Edition for £24.99, which comes with exclusive content.

Among Us Xbox

Among Us is available through Xbox Game Pass to play on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X. If you don’t have Game Pass, you can grab it for £3.14 on the Xbox Store, or get the physical Crewmate Edition for £12.45.

And that’s every way to get Among Us. If you’re looking for more mobile recommendations, be sure to check out our lists of the best mobile multiplayer games and best mobile puzzle games.