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Animal Crossing wallpapers

Deck out your gadgets with these adorable Animal Crossing wallpapers, for desktop and mobile, featuring many of our favourite friends.

Animal Crossing wallpaper: a view of Isabelle's desk

Feeling like you want a new look on your devices? Then we present to you our hand-picked selection of Animal Crossing wallpapers for your phone and PC to get them looking cute and perfectly animal-themed in no time. Be sure to go and check out the original artists’ work where you can, especially for the mobile wallpapers!

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Animal Crossing PC wallpapers

Animal Crossing wallpaper seen on the Nintendo Store

Animal Crossing New Horizons pastel faces wallpaper

Nintendo has its fair share of official wallpapers available, like this pastel pop choice on the My Nintendo Store, but the set of mobile and desktop wallpapers do cost 50 Platinum points if you want to redeem them.

Animal Crossing wallpaper: a view of Isabelle's desk

Isabelle’s Animal Crossing New Horizons office

Another official offering from Nintendo (via Animal Crossing World) is Isabelle’s empty desk in the Resident Services building. Though these were technically Zoom backgrounds, they work just as well on our screens permanently. The official Nintendo wallpaper page linked in the above page doesn’t work anymore, but the wallpapers remain available.

Animal Crossing wallpaper to celebrate a million followers

Animal Crossing New Horizons: 1,000,000 followers wallpaper

Disregarding the fact this is to celebrate a huge one million Twitter followers, this lemony wallpaper includes all of our favorite characters and some classic Animal Crossing items as well. Find it here on the official Animal Crossing account.

Animal Crossing wallpaper featuring villagers

Animal Crossing villagers cottage core wallpaper by @deerhalia

Artist Dee created this and plenty of other adorable cottage core wallpapers, featuring some of the cutest Animal Crossing characters there are, like Flurry and Maple, having a little cooking get-together surrounded by mushrooms. Absolutely adorable.

Official Animal Crossing wallpaper by Walmart
Animal Crossing faces on a teal background

Walmart – yes, the giant shopping brand – made a collection of Animal Crossing New Horizons wallpapers including this lovely teal option. Check them out here. Now, all we need is Walmart-themed wallpaper in Animal Crossing…

Animal Crossing mobile wallpapers

An Animal Crossing wallpaper for mobile phones

Dirt circle floor wallpaper

You can’t go wrong with the old Animal Crossing dirt circles – though for years some were convinced they were tree stumps (it’s me, I was convinced). Grab this mobile wallpaper right here.

An Animal Crossing wallpaper for mobile phones

Animal Crossing villager ice lolly wallpaper by @mariassart_

There is so much amazing fan art out there that it is hard to narrow it down, but one of our picks is Maria’s take on Coco and Cole as ice lollies. Super cute, super creative, and by a really cool creator.

An Animal Crossing wallpaper for mobile phones

Animal Crossing characters jumble wallpaper @karqmie

What’s better than Animal Crossing? A wallpaper with a cute style, fruits, and Animal Crossing, of course. This pink picture is sure to brighten up any phone. Find it here, and check out the artists’ other work while you’re there!

An Animal Crossing wallpaper for mobile phones

Animal Crossing New Horizons patchwork wallpaper by @pronouncedyou

If you still haven’t decided on a cute new picture, then maybe this almost patchwork-like Animal Crossing wallpaper will tempt you. Check out the artist pronouncedyou on DeviantArt here!

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