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Pop It Trading codes

If you’re looking for more things to trade in the Roblox experience, we’ve got all the Roblox Pop It Trading codes you need to grab some extra stock.

Screenshot for Pop It Trading codes guide with a girl in a figet toy world looking for a toy

In Pop It Trading, there’s a Roblox world full of toys to trade between players, taking inspiration from the movement of NFT enthusiasts across the internet. Fortunately, much less is on the line with these items costing less than the astronomical figures a real NFT might, but even still, any help you can get goes a long way on the trading floor. So, we’ve brought together all the Pop It Trading codes we could find in one place, making it easier for you to grab some in-game goodies.

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Pop It Trading codes

Active codes:

  • funkimunkii – free random item
  • fantasticplastic – free Barbie item
  • Whonewit? – free random item
  • kreekcraft – free random item
  • 12345 – free random item
  • b5nb5n – free random item
  • stoked – free random item
  • categg – free random item
  • doilookpretty – free random item
  • pingu – free random item
  • miaminights – free random item
  • letsgetweird – free random item
  • heartburn -free random item
  • ewww – free random item
  • holasoyd0ra – free random item
  • b4nb4n – free random item
  • itsalive! – free random item
  • metacarpus – free random item
  • kawa11 – free Kawaii item
  • meoooow – free random item
  • m3rry – random holiday item
  • thursday – Wednesday Adams toy
  • candy – free item
  • fifi – FIFA toy
  • youspinme – flying hat toy
  • yodome – Baby Yoda toy
  • aredsword – free sword
  • daegg – alphabet egg toy
  • halloweenie – Halloween toys
  • callmemaybe – 3am toy
  • lachancla – sandals toy
  • popit1year – birthday hat
  • knockknock – Eie item
  • whaaaaaa – baby gato item
  • pepto – pink sauce toy
  • lasagna – rainbow toy
  • ****** – Rainbow Friends toy
  • throne – Toilet toy
  • 1337 – free item
  • m0dn4r –free item
  • madregate – free item
  • juego – controller toy
  • fotito – Instagram toy
  • pájaro – Twitter toy
  • 100k – YouTube toy
  • gub – free reward
  • cute – bunny toy
  • Lightemup – flamethrower toy
  • wth – monster toy
  • pineapple – pineapple toy
  • portal – Portal toy
  • farmer – Magic Seed
  • r41nb0w – Rainbow toy
  • code – free reward
  • upupup – Ladder toy
  • 90sec – Floppa toy
  • noclip – backrooms
  • trippy – illusion
  • naughtyornice – Tommeh
  • kitty – cat toy
  • popit! – pop it toy
  • stuffi – stuffed animal
  • armor? – watermelon
  • sugar – lollipop
  • cupid – box of chocolates
  • no – slendy note
  • tako – slippy orange
  • Tony – tiger
  • Loot – loot box
  • buff – barbell
  • 2022 – sparkler
  • ice – diamond
  • chance – dice
  • juaniday2021 – hot cocoa
  • sus – Among Us toy
  • quidditch – extinguisher
  • crystal – crystal item
  • spooky21 – spooky item

Expired codes:

  • squid
  • gummy
  • eeek
  • inazuma

What are Pop It Trading codes?

Pop It Trading codes are little gifts given out by the developer, club XOX, to allow players to redeem free items in games. Roblox developers tend to release new codes alongside updates and after they hit specific milestones with the player base, so be sure to bookmark this page for any fresh codes.

Key art for Pop It Trading codes guide with various items from the game like fidget toys and rubber ducks

How do I redeem Pop It Trading codes?

Redeeming your Pop It Trading codes is a little different to how it works in other Roblox experiences. Fortunately, it’s not too complicated, and you can grab your freebies quickly if you follow these steps:

  • Load Pop It Trading in Roblox
  • Walk to the opposite end of the trading floor to the spawn point
  • Walk onto the YouTube codes button
  • Paste in your code from our list
  • Enjoy your freebies!

With that, you’re up to date on all the latest Pop It Trading codes. For more titles full of trading, except with monsters and not art, check out our picks for the best games like Pokémon on Switch and mobile.