Get your bells ready, Nintendo is making Animal Crossing Lego

Yes, it's really happening, Nintendo has announced that there's some Animal Crossing Lego on the way and we simply can't wait for it to release.

Two villagers in Animla Crossing Lego form

Just when we didn’t think we could love Nintendo anymore, it drops a reveal for some Animal Crossing Lego. No, this isn’t a drill. It’s really happening. Sure, Nintendo isn’t new to collaborating with Lego; just look at the gorgeous NES Lego set and the assortment of Mario Lego on offer, but we didn’t dare to hope it would really happen for Animal Crossing.

Though there are so many games like Animal Crossing out there, nothing compares to the many Animal Crossing games. Truly, the possibilities are endless for these new Lego sets, but we’re still in the dark about what they might be. On Twitter (X), Nintendo announced the collaboration with a short clip showing off some Animal Crossing Villagers in Lego form. Boy, are they cute, and one look at the comments section confirms it’s not just us who are totally enamored with that 11-second clip.

Who knew a short video could hold so much hope? Just look at those happy clocky faces, the luscious forest, shining blue sky, and watch that lil balloon float away, knowing that the new Lego sets are sure to be adorable beyond belief.

Animal Crossing Lego release date

For now, Nintendo has only given a month for release, not an exact date – the Animal Crossing Lego releases in March 2024, to coincide with Animal Crossing New Horizon’s fourth anniversary.

A bunch of Anime Cross Lego figures stood together in a forest

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