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The best Animal Crossing Lego sets

Nintendo continues their foray into official merchandise with the Animal Crossing Lego sets - and they are adorable. Find them all in our guide.

Animal Crossing Lego - three characters in lego form on a blue background

Cute merchandise featuring adorable game characters is our favorite thing. So, below, you can find our picks of the best Animal Crossing Lego sets – hint, it’s all of them. There are a few different sets that you can build separately, or join together into one big Animal Crossing-theme Lego island.

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Here are all the Animal Crossing Lego sets and where to buy them.

Animal Crossing Lego - Julian's birthday party set on a blue background

Julian’s Birthday Party

Well, isn’t this adorable? Everyone’s favorite unicorn Julian is the star of this set, where it’s a birthday party just for him.

This set has a few different base plates that aren’t connected, so you can customize it in a few different ways to fit where you want to display it. There are a lot of smaller accessories included like a skateboard, microphone, and present boxes to provide entertainment for Julian, and us.

Animal Crossing Lego - Bunnie vaulting across a stream with a yellow tent and a toolbox in front

Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities

New Horizon’s introduced a lot of new outdoor activity to Animal Crossing, and this set featuring Bunnie shows it all off. There are items like a tent, a campfire, tools, and a cherry tree laden with fruit to pick.

Take advantage of the great outdoors by hopping over the stream with the vaulting pole, but beware of the tiny tarantula waiting to strike!

Animal Crossing Lego - Two buildings made of lego including Nook's Cranny and a house

Nook’s Cranny and Rosie’s House

Nook’s Cranny and Rosie’s House is the biggest Animal Crossing Lego set you can get, and is packed with plenty of things to do. You have Rosie’s house and garden, complete with some snazzy pink furniture, but you also have Nook’s Cranny with a cash register, bell bag, and shelving.

No set is complete without some figures in it, and this one gives us Tom Nook himself, sporting his snazzy New Horizon’s tropical shirt. Rosie is also here, naturally, to go with her house – and pop into the store for some retail therapy.

Animal Crossing Lego - Kapp'n in a boat and an animal standing on an island, made of Lego

Kappn’s Island Boat Tour

Kapp’n, my Kapp’n, won’t you whisk me away to a new mystery island? That’s what this set is for. Here, we get a cute little boat for Kapp’n to sail, along with Marshall as he sets up his new life on a tropical island.

Similar to other sets, you can move things around here like the deck chairs and fish, but one thing’s for sure – this island paradise provides tons of fun with its modular bases, including a hidden dig spot…

Animal Crossing Lego - Isabelle visiting a house with furniture, food, and tools outside

Isabelle’s House Visit

No Animal Crossing collection is complete without Isabelle, and she’s here in the House Visit set, where she meets Fauna to talk all things decor and gardening.

With this particular set, you can build Fauna’s house with some different options – namely some new windows, and plant her garden how you see fit. Isabelle is here to lend a hand, but the building is all up to you. There’s even a ting smoke cloud to attach to the chimney to give the house some life.

Animal Crossing Lego - A brown bear watering a plant made of lego

Maple’s Pumpkin Garden

If you’re running out of space on your shelves or desk – just like we are, with all these Lego sets – then we suggest you snap up Maple’s Pumpkin Garden.

Maple, the adorable little bear, tends to a teeny tiny garden of her own in this set complete with a ladder, watering can, and fully grown pumpkin. After all, these gourds aren’t just for Halloween, so grow them in all seasons with this mini set.

Are there any new Animal Crossing Lego sets coming out?

Good news, fellow Nook fans, there are more sets coming to the Animal Crossing range later in the year. On August 1, 2024, two new sets join the lineup:

  • A set featuring the Town Hall, a camper van, KK Slider on stage, Isabelle, and Audie – along with some autumnal trees and a tiny café
  • The Dodo Airlines building set complete with a plane and figures of villager Tangy and Wilbur the Dodo. There’s even some beachy waves and a crab to extend the scene

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