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Anime Defenders smashes through impressive milestone

Anime Defenders has more than ten times the number of visits than Anime Last Stand within the first week of its release - impressive.

Anime Defenders stats - an avatar in red beanie and blue pizza jumper stood on top of an ubuilt base on some grass

Just over a week after its release, the latest Anime Defenders milestone shows that the Roblox experience is off to a flying start. Of course, most anime games have a roaring start on the platform, but not all of them manage to smash through 125 million visits in just one week.

Thanks to the data RoMonitor Stats collected, you can see that it currently boasts just under 128 million visits, with that number continuing to rise at a fast rate – for reference, at the one-week mark, Anime Last Stand stats stood just over ten million visits, showing just how impressive Anime Defenders’ numbers really are.

While its current pacing of roughly 16 million visits a day puts it slightly off track, Anime Defenders does have a chance to beat Blade Ball’s milestone record, which is currently the fastest game to hit one billion visits, taking just over 60 days to accomplish the task.

Beyond boasting a large number of visitors, Small World Games x Anime Defenders’ game is also proving to be a huge hit for those who do play it, with more than 591k likes to just over 9k dislikes, which gives a positive rating of 98.5%. This is one of the highest ratings we’ve come across for a Roblox game.

Anime Defenders key art showing two characters fighting each other

So, what is it that makes Anime Defenders so popular? Well, as we already mentioned, anime games tend to perform well at launch, which likely comes down to the IP you find within. Many Roblox anime games such as Haze Piece, Blox Fruits, and Fruit Seas make good use of One Piece, for instance. Meanwhile, experiences like Anime Defenders welcome characters and content inspired by many franchises, including Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, and more.

Furthermore, Anime Defenders is a tower defense game, which is one of the more popular genres in Roblox, allowing you to recruit and deploy familiar faces to defend your base. You also have access to unique abilities and various levels. The game even has an infinite mode for those of you who think you have what it takes to defeat endless hordes of enemies.

If you’re yet to give Anime Defenders a go, maybe go and give it a visit and help it towards another impressive milestone. We can help you get a head start with our Anime Defenders codes guide and Anime Defenders tier list. Or, if you want a less blocky adventure, we can help you discover the best anime games on Switch and mobile.

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