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Anime Defenders tier list June 2024

Our Roblox Anime Defenders tier list ranks all of the available units and explains how you can unlock new ones through the summon system.

Anime Defenders tier list - close up of the Straw Hat unit who looks like Luffy

Our Anime Defenders tier list is here to help you weed out the good units from the downright useless. As a tower defense game, Anime Defenders makes you rely upon the characters at your disposal, and if you happen to choose the wrong ones for the job, well, your base will fall faster than a soccer player after a mistimed tackle.

Anime Defenders isn’t the only Roblox game full of characters like this, so make sure you check out our Anime Last Stand tier list to see which units are worth your time in that game. We also have a Wuthering Waves tier list and a Genshin Impact tier list if you want to see who the best heroes are in those gacha games.

Anime Defenders tier list

We consider both our own experiences and the thoughts of the community when putting together these rankings. Of course, as with any guide of this nature, you might not agree with our choices, but that’s okay. One of the best things about games like Anime Defenders is that, with so many characters, there’s a perfect unit for everyone. We might put a character in rank D, but if they’re an integral part of your strategy, making them an A or S rank to you, and that’s great – we encourage you to try the units out until you find the best ones for you.

Rank Anime Defenders units
S Esper, Pink Rockstar, Prince of Curses, Sharpshooter, The Gamer
A Flame of Dragon God, Cursed Sorcerer, Skull Warrior, Chance Taker, Admiral of Light, Elf Wizardness, Ant King, Bloomer, Shinobi Form 3, Grey
B Kasper, Thunder Hokage, Inferno Commander, King of Curses, Skull Paladin, Ice Admiral, Lava Admiral, Ascended Saiyan, Strongest Swordsman, Carp, Ascended Qi Master
C Four Tails, Elf Hero, Dragon Slayer, Fire Leg Monster, Soul Reaper, Rukai, Salamander, Cursed Nail, Straw Hat, Shinobi
D Clay, Black Leg Master, Pirate Hunter, Pink Shinobi

Anime Defenders tier list - the summon shop showing which ones you can buy

How do I get new Anime Defenders units?

To unlock new Anime Defenders units, you need to head into the summon building in the hub and go onto the summons pad. Once here, you can purchase new units in exchange for gems (which you can get plenty of from our Anime Defenders codes guide) and even sell the ones you don’t want in exchange for in-game currency.

And that concludes our Anime Defenders tier list. After your base is secure, make sure you go to our Roblox game codes page to see what freebies you can get. We also have a Squad Busters codes guide.