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Anime Last Stand tier list July 2024

Our Anime Last Stand tier list ranks the available in-game characters and explains how to reroll for new abilities so you can get the best.

Anime Last Stand tier list: A Bleach avatar holding a long sword

Want to know who should be on your squad? Look no further than our Anime Last Stand tier list, where we rank the available units, some of which you may recognize from anime such as One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and more. With that in mind, you know that there are some powerful allies for you to recruit to defend your base, so let’s take a look at who can save the day and who’s likely to usher in your doom. Oh, and we can even talk about Anime Last Stand rerolls, though these don’t help you out on the character front.

We also have an Anime Last Stand codes guide, just in case you need more rerolls, gems, and emeralds to get the heroes you want. Or, for similar content and more rankings, check out our Haze Piece tier list, Honor of Kings tier list, Genshin Impact tier list, and League of Legends: Wild Rift tier list.

Onto our Anime Last Stand tier list.

Anime Last Stand tier list - an epic character surrounded with a purple hue

Anime Last Stand tier list

When it comes to ranking each character, we take into account our own experiences as well as the opinions of the community. However, if we put a character in rank D but you think they’re worth putting on your squad, that’s great! The best thing about games like this is being able to pick characters that best suit your needs and playstyle, even if they’re not what other players tend to go with.

Rank Anime Last Stand characters
S Curse King (Suppressed), Dark Captain, Flame Alchemist, Baldy (Bored), Mesh, Night King, Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty), Fused Warrior (Super), Sunwoo (Winter), Ghiaccio, Baldy (serious), Black Swordsman, Lightning Swordsman, HeavenlyChad, Golden Admiral, Animated Crow, Red Pirate, Black Swordsman (Evolved)
A Sunwoo (Bloodlust), Vegeta, Tenjuro, Boifou, Boku (SS) Grimjaw, Zuffy, The Squad, Illusionist, Worlds Strongest (Old), Salamander, Best Waifu, Strongest Sorcerer, Hero Hunter, Gas (Hunter), Butterfly Breather, Fallen One, Top Choppa, Dark Flash, Demon Moon Guy, Grand Green Witch, Knight King, Swordman, Speedcart, Zott (Immortal) Red Dragon Empress, The Prodigy, White Grim Reaper, Kohan (Drip), Uriu, Jenos, Beast, Red Pirate (Young), Boifou, Robot 12, Super Robot 12, Baldy (Bored), Assassin Captain
B Vagata (Super), Gogata, Noble Captain, Idol, Roro, Speedcart, Lenji Demon Leg, Riku, Uriu, Zuffy (Timeskip), Hero Hunter, Light Admiral, Chief Hunter, Curse King (Suppressed), Mad Tough, The Umbral Prince, Flash, Gerp, Swordman Myhtic, Namek Warrior, Explosive Blood, Boxer, Tenjuro, Riku, Lenji (Demon Leg), Drip Zami, Jenos, Captain Commander, Flash, Crimson Commander, Gerp, Beast Breather
C Nemak Warrior, Shinra, Kon, Zami, Pride (Night), Lenji, Zuffy (Lobby), The Trio,  Burning Hero, Wind Pillar, Lovely Arrancar, Isekai Demon King, Vesh, Grimjaw, Wish Dragon Evo, Golden Admiral, Boku, Water Goddess, Pride (Starter)
D  Ichigo (Kai), Wind Pillar, Roro, Denji, Asta, Vagata, Asta, Lenji, Ichiko

How do I do an Anime Last Stand reroll?

You can’t reroll for a new hero, but you can reroll for different techniques, assuming you have rerolls available. You can get more rerolls through completing levels and playing the game, but perhaps the best way to get your hands on them is through codes, as they frequently offer a bunch of rerolls at a time. As for performing an Anime Last Stand reroll, you need to head to the techniques circle in the hub and tap the reroll button if you don’t get the ability you want.

With any luck, our Anime Last Stand tier list and reroll guide help you get the characters and techniques that you want. If you want to try something a bit more spooky, we recommend The Mimic and Rainbow Friends.