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Anime Punch Simulator is a knockout with 500k visits in two weeks

The Roblox Anime Punch Simulator visits stat shows that the first two weeks following the release of the game have been pretty good.

Anime Punch Simulator visits - a bunch of eye emojis aurroudning a hero throwing a punch

Some Roblox games thrive while others never quite make it off the ground, and the amount of Anime Punch Simulator visits indicates that the new One Punch Man-inspired game might have some longevity. Granted, some experiences boast more than 500k visits at the two-week mark, but it’s still a milestone worth celebrating when it comes to Anime Game Team’s title.

While it’s highly unlikely that Anime Punch Simulator will break Blade Ball’s one billion visits record (being the fastest game to hit that milestone), RoMonitor Stats’ data indicates that the developers can be happy that after two weeks the anime game has 510k visits, 4,180 likes, 4,465, and a generally positive rating of 89.34%.

The favorable response to the game is likely down to the gameplay, as you get to explore various worlds with some familiar faces in search of justice. Okay, by justice, we mean that you go around punching people in a bid to become the strongest person in this virtual world. Quick tip, Anime Punch Simulator codes happen to be very handy if you want to speed things up.

If you want to experience the fun for yourself, you just need to visit the Anime Punch Simulator page on Roblox, but make sure it’s the experience from the Anime Game Team if you want to help it reach its next milestone, one million visits, maybe?

An in-game screenshot from Anime Punch Simulator

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