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Today’s Be Real time

The Be Real time changes every day and varies based on your location, so we’re here to record all the past Be Real times so you can try and fail to be prepared.

Be Real time: A mango rectangle graphic with the black BeReal app logo in the middle

Be Real is a recent social media phenomenon that’s supposed to help you live in the moment, but instead keeps timing its notifications exactly as you’re using the toilet. The Be Real time changes every day and depends on your region, so keep reading to find out about today’s Be Real time.

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What is Be Real?

Be Real is a French social media app that encourages you to ‘be real’ by giving you two minutes to post a photo of yourself and your surroundings at a specific time each day. You can still post after the time period, but your friends will know that you posted late. It focuses on authenticity and rewards you for posting on time by letting you post twice more that day.

Be Real time: A promotional screenshot showing a grid of nine Be Real posts with a range of activities and environments on a black background

What is the Be Real time today?

The US Be Real time for October 18, 2023, is yet to happen. The UK Be Real time for October 18, 2023 is also yet to occur.  

Past Be Real times

Here’s a list of the most recent Be Real times:

Date US Be Real time (CDT) UK Be Real time (BST)
October 17, 2023 16:35:51 11:23:09
October 16, 2023 13:16:03 18:10:45
October 15, 2023 14:09:50 09:32:52
October 14, 2023 13:35:02 15:13:18
October 13, 2023 18:38:01 17:22:21
October 12, 2023 19:58:03 12:16:25
October 11, 2023 18:52:03 18:53:07
October 10, 2023 10:33:51 14:47:32
October 9, 2023 15:18:56 09:32:54
October 8, 2023 13:17:27 14:01:15
October 7, 2023 18:27:39 17:43:36
October 6, 2023 15:02:24 10:53:32
October 5, 2023 17:42:23 14:10:42
October 4, 2023 13:22:26 17:23:04
October 3, 2023 18:19:43 13:32:51
October 2, 2023 17:37:25 16:15:04
October 1, 2023 20:34:19 12:41:56

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