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The best skateboarding games on Switch and mobile

Do you fancy yourself the next Tony Hawk, or want to just sit down and pretend? Check out our guide to the best skateboarding games for Switch and mobile

Best skateboarding games: screenshots are visible from three different skateboarding games

Do you know your melon from your manual? Then you’ll love our list of the best skateboarding games on Nintendo Switch and mobile. Unleash your inner Tony Hawk, pull off a 900, or just put on your vans and chill in a pool like the Lords of Dogtown. There are so many great ways to get your grind on (not like that) and enjoy some sweet skate spots.

So what’s featured in our best skateboarding games list? Well, it wouldn’t be right without an entry from the Hawk himself, there are some fantastic indie options that feature a more arcade feel, and we’ve included the most chill skateboarding game ever created. We wish we could also include the amazing Skate games, maybe one day we can update this list with a smile on our face.

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Let’s drop in and flip out, with our list of the best skateboarding games on Switch and mobile.

Skateboarding games

Best skateboarding games: A person in an orange shirt jumps out of a pool on a skatebaordPlay Now

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 – Switch

Even twenty years on from the original games, nobody does it like the original. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 is a remake of the first two Tony Hawk’s titles handled by Vicarious Visions, and it’s an incredible homage to the history of the franchise. Bringing the refined mechanics of the later games back, but also a loving recreation of the legendary levels from the originals, these gorgeous games control exactly how you want them to, somewhere near how you remember it, but considerably better.

Throw in some classic tracks from the original soundtrack, loads of customisation options, dozens of different tasks to complete, and high scores to beat? This is skateboarding perfection.

Best skateboarding games: a 2D skateboarding game is shown with pastel coloursPlay Now

OlliOlli World – Switch

Are you sick of the third dimension? Me too. So along comes OlliOlli World to provide the best 2D skateboarding game you’ll ever play. With arcade-style gameplay where you need to chain your moves together to stay on your board, and a snappy ‘just one more run’ feeling, OlliOlli World is an addictive title that even takes my mind back to the very best Sonic games.

World improves on the original formula with the lovely pastel art style and some interesting characters to guide you along your way. There’s once again a whole heap of things to unlock like different outfits and skateboards, and you can try to beat your pals with online leaderboards for every single level. It feels great to play and you can get hooked in an instant, I highly recommend this once you’ve finished with Tony Hawk’s.

Check out our full OlliOlli World review to see why we called it “flipping fantastic”.

Best skateboarding games: an isometric skateboarding game is shown with a poolPlay Now

The Ramp – Switch and mobile

While today we associate skateboarding with high scores and gold medals, the original ethos was much more chill. Well, The Ramp appreciates that, and goes against the grain to create a skateboarding game that’s all about the experience, and just wants to help you relax.

A fixed camera, isometric skating game where you can’t even see your scores, The Ramp feels different to other games with a great momentum-based pushing mechanic that really helps to sell the feeling of ‘flow’ that permeates every moment. If you need to wind down, or just want a fun virtual toy for when you’ve got five minutes between meetings, The Ramp is a great alternative and a well designed skating game in it’s own right.

You can check out our full The Ramp review to hear even more about this one.

Best skateboarding games: a bird rides on a skateboardPlay Now

Skatebird – Switch

Fancy some flap with your flip? (I can’t believe people pay me to write). Well Skatebird is a comical twist on the formula that mixes the regular 3D skateboarding gameplay with tiny birds who just want to shred. If you want a precise and satisfying game where you can pull of massive combos, this might not be for you.

But if you just want to flap around as a silly little bird, unlock fancy outfits, and just generally chill out? Well, this is a really nice alternative that is bound to make you laugh a few times. Check out our Skatebird review for even more information.

Best skateboarding games: a vertical screenshot shows a 2d skating game for mobile devices

Flip Skater – mobile

A great pick for a quick fix when you’re out and about, Flip Skater is a 2D game where you build combos by skating on a ramp, pulling off tricks, and flying to crazy heights. This title has a fun array of different levels to check out, featuring some gorgeous locales from around the globe.

You can unlock new parts for your board as you progress, with each new item helping you to grind up the ranks and reach even higher new scores. It’s also free to start, so you can get playing this one on iOS or Android today.

Best skateboarding games: a 2D scene shows someone skateboarding on a sunset lit beach

Skate City – Apple Arcade

If you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber, then make sure you don’t miss this one, a fun 2D skating experience that feels smooth and intuitive on mobile devices. Skate City doesn’t quite have the breakneck speed of OlliOlli World, instead, it focuses on finding a flow between spots, and chaining grins and combos at your own tempo.

It looks gorgeous with some lovely colours and well-designed levels, and there’s even full controller support if you want to add a touch more precision to your sessions. Pick it up on Apple Arcade today.

That’s it skateboarding fans, every great skateboarding game on Switch and mobile that you can play today. You’d have to be a mongo skater to not enjoy at least a few of the great titles we’ve picked. If you need something else to play today though, be sure to check out our guide to the best Switch games for the greatest gaming experiences on the go.