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How to get a Bluesky invite

Our Bluesky invite guide is here to help you get onto the hottest new social networking site, as a certain blue bird app is becoming somewhat unreliable.

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If you’re trying to find a Bluesky invite, we’re here to help. While we can’t dole out invites ourselves, we can point you in the right direction or give you some tips to get on to the X alternative social media platform. If you’re still not quite sure what Bluesky is, we’ve also got a quick explainer on how the website works and what you can get from it.

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Let’s get into our Bluesky invite guide.

What is Bluesky? 

Bluesky is a social networking site very similar in appearance and function to Twitter, now known as X. Creator Jay Graber released the app in 2021, and bills the app as an alternative to Twitter. Meanwhile, previous Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sits on Bluesky’s board of directors.

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How do I get a Bluesky invite? 

Currently, there are two ways to get a Bluesky invite. You can either join the waiting list, though users can expect to wait a few weeks for an official invite. Otherwise, users already on the app get one invite code a week to allow friends to join. If you know someone already on Bluesky, and if they can offer you a code, then you can join today.

Bluesky mailing list

  1. Head on over to Bluesky
  2. Click on join the waitlist
  3. Input your email
  4. Click join waitlist
  5. Now just wait patiently for your code, though this can take weeks.

Bluesky invite codes

  1. Head on over to Bluesky
  2. Click on create an account
  3. Choose your hosting provider (we recommend just using Bluesky)
  4. Input your invite code
  5. Click on next
  6. Input your email and choose a password
  7. Choose your handle
  8. You’re in! Enjoy your time on Bluesky

That’s all we have for our Bluesky invite guide for today. Good luck getting in, and do let us know if you have a spare code. For even more great tech content, be sure to read our articles explaining how to cancel Tinder Gold and how to cancel LinkedIn Premium. Or, if you’re trying to get into a new game, start off strong with our guide to free Monopoly Go dice.