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Save the sloths (and a koala) with Boris the Sloth

The Boris the Sloth release date is here, so it’s time to get out there, save your virtual koala buddy, and see a bit of your money go to helping real sloths

Boris the Sloth jumping around

The Boris the Sloth release date has been and gone, but we still need to bring your attention to this game. It’s a fun little platformer that has a deeper meaning, and at Pocket Tactics, we’re all about games like this that have a clear mission to help animals in real life. How could we be anything but supportive of such titles?

As we say, the Boris the Sloth release date is already here, so you can get out there with Bozza and help to save his friend, Euka the Koala, from an evil mandrake. To be honest, the story and gameplay alone are reason enough to play it, but when you consider that Boris the Sloth creator Clutch Dynamics donates proceeds from the game to real-life conservation efforts for sloths, you just have to do your bit for these gorgeous animals.

As for the gameplay itself, you need to solve a range of physics-based puzzles, but fortunately, Boris has some unique gifts that make overcoming these obstacles that bit easier, and fun. It’s all going on here, become a spirit, mess with gravity, and warp time – go on the ultimate power trip as a sloth. It’s also funny to us that you can turn Boris into a spirit animal, as sloths are our spirit animal – they just want to sleep and eat, we feel that.

What is the Boris the Sloth release date?

The Boris the Sloth release date has been and gone, so make sure you head over to Google Play or the App Store to not only play a genuinely enjoyable game, but help out a worthy cause too.

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