Call of Dragons factions

Our Call of Dragons factions guide is here to help you decide which group to opt for in your quest to conquer the land, for both early and late-game players.

Key art of an archer among orcs for Call of Dragons factions guide

With three Call of Dragons factions to pick from in Farlight Games’ MMO strategy title, it can be hard to decide which legion to lend your skills to. So, we’ve put together a guide to help you find the faction for you, making it easier for you to get to exploring and battling without having to waste time weighing up the options.

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Below we’ve got all three Call of Dragons factions, each with enough detail to inform you as to whether they’re the group you should be signing up for.

Screenshot of the League of Order faction details for Call of Dragons factions guide

League of Order

Special units: Infantry, cavalry, ballistas, vestals, and celestials.

Bonus: 3% legion magic defence boost and 10% gathering speed boost.

If you’re more concerned about collecting resources for crafting than you are barging right into battle, the League of Order is a solid pick for your starting faction. With a 10% boost to your gathering speed, you can bring in items and resources quicker than any other group, making the League of Order ideal for early-game accumulation. The starter hero for this faction is Waldyr the Ice Mage, a potent AoE attacker with access to a wide pool of magic moves.

Screenshot of details of the Wilderburg faction for Call of Dragons factions guide


Special units: Infantry, cavalry, spearmen, wyvern rangers, and mages.

Bonus: 3% legion physical attack boost and 10% build engineering boost.

Wilderburg is the best choice of the early-game Call of Dragons factions for getting into the heat of battle, with the 3% physical attack boost offering more offensive firepower than the other two options. Match this with a building boost of 10% and you can quickly make a name for yourself on the map, taking territories and putting up your own mark on them. The starting hero for Wilderbug is Bakhar, a massive troll with an equally massive club that can easily lay waste to most opponents, especially in your first few hours of play.

Screenshot of the Springwarders faction explainer for Call of Dragons factions guide


Special units: Infantry, cavalry, archers, magic, forest eagles.

Bonus: 5% boost to legion march speed and healing speed

If you’re no stranger to battle strategy and know you’re set to play a whole bunch of Call of Dragons, Springwardens are worth checking out for their late-game prowess. With a 5% bonus to both legion marching and healing speed, Springwardens are especially gifted when it comes to PVP play, with your army moving quickly and recovering between battles. The starting hero here is Gwanwyn, a master marksperson. Gwanwyn can get you through the early game, but it might be worth swapping out to a more up-front damage dealer as you approach late-game content.

There you have it, our guide to the Call of Dragons factions. For more epic worlds full of magic and mystery, check out our picks for the best fantasy games on Switch and mobile.