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Clash of Clans bases

Keep enemy forces at bay and look after your town hall, it’s going to need it. Learn everything you need to survive with our Clash of Clans bases guide.

Clash of Clans bases: a screenshot from the game Clash of Clans shows a series of building and fortreses

Our Clash of Clans bases guide can help you grasp the basics you need to know, so you can survive as long as possible and reap revenge on those annoying foes. There’s always an onslaught of opponents in Clash of Clans, so a well-built base is the difference between victory and defeat. You’ll be grateful for our tips when you’re facing the next army of invaders.

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Enough time wasting, let’s march on to our Clash of Clans bases guide.

Clash of Clans bases

Clash of Clans bases: a screenshot from the game Clash of Clans shows a series of building and fortreses

What are Clash of Clans bases?

In Clash of Clans, bases are the structure you use to surround and defend your resources and buildings. It keeps your enemies at bay and should hold off the many hordes of forces for as long as possible. You need to use these strategically to best manage your resources, and properly funnel your enemies away from your most important units.

How do I build Clash of Clans bases?

Like every other building in Clash of Clans, constructing a base is as simple as tapping on the shop icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and then dragging your finger where you want to place your units within your base. You can build walls, place cannons, traps, and anything else you need to hold off the forces of goblins that constantly invade your village.

Clash of Clans bases: a screenshot from the game Clash of Clans shows a series of building and fortreses

How do I use Clash of Clans bases?

How you use your base is down to which of the two game modes you’re playing. In a trophy hunt, the town hall is the target and you should protect it at all costs. Place your town hall at the center of the base, and have at least two layers of wall between the outside forces and your town hall to avoid damage from archers. Placing any splash damage units like the cannon within the first wall will provide useful damage. It’s also helpful to place purposeful gaps in your wall to funnel enemy forces, and then place traps in those gaps. Think the battle of Wakanda from Infinity War, but instead of bloodthirsty aliens it’s cartoon goblins.

In farming mode, it’s all about resources, so you want to make those the priority (like elixirs) and place them within the walls of your base. You can place your town hall on the outside of the walls in this mode, ideally in the corner, as that gives enemy forces an easy distraction while you worry about the most important aspect of this mode. For even more detail on building bases, we recommend watching this video from Judo Sloth Gaming, a content creator with an encyclopedic knowledge of Clash of Clans.

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How do I find Clash of Clans bases?

If you’re looking to find and use a particular kind of base, we highly recommend heading over to Clash Champs and browsing their huge library. You can search for exactly the size and utility you need and even upload your best creations for other users to enjoy. This is a wildly useful resource for newcomers and veterans alike and also allows you to get some great ideas about your Clash of Clans bases in the future. With so many different options, it can get a bit overwhelming, but the selection and community here make it a huge help for everyone.

That’s it for now folks, but we hope this guide has covered the basics of Clash of Clans bases and got you well on your way to victory. If you want to find even more great games to play, be sure to check out our guide to the best mobile games so you can find some more fun today.