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Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes

Get down and dirty with these Roblox Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes and grab some extra stacks of cash to fortify your operation both inside the mine and out.

Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes: a robloxian going for a ride in a coal cart

August 10, 2023: We checked for new Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes.

If the vast and endless possibilities of Minecraft are too much for you, then take it back to basics with these Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes. Mine and refine until the cows come home in Coal Miner Tycoon 2 and build up your mining empire inside a humble mountain. Gather coal, refine it, and sell it on, then use the cold hard cash to upgrade your set-up.

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New Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes:

Here are all the active Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes:

  • 15MV1S1TS – 60k cash
  • 10MV1S1TS – 100k cash
  • SillyLittleRock – 1k cash
  • FR3310K – 10k cash

Expired codes:

  • 5MV1S1TS
  • 4MV1S1TS
  • 3MV1S1TS
  • 2MV1S1TS
  • 250KV1S1TS
  • 100KV1S1TS

A screen showing the Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes redemption box

How do I redeem Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes?

Getting the goodies offered by these codes is super easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Open up Coal Miner Tycoon 2 in Roblox
  • Click the tick-shaped icon on the left side of the screen
  • Type or paste in the codes one at a time and hit redeem

There you have it – fresh stacks of cash to spend on upgrades and droppers to expand your mining mission.

What are Coal Miner Tycoon 2 codes?

DecaBladeX creates and distributes these codes to provide players with some extra goodies to get their tycoon lifestyle off the ground. So far, the codes only offer cash, but items and boosts may come in the future as more release.

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