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The Tale of Food codes

Feeling peckish? These The Tale of Food codes give you plenty of gifts to whet your appetite as you gain more units and get stronger.

Tale of Food codes: a selection of characters from Tale of Food holding mugs or weapons

Order a new adventure and get some goodies to start off with all of these up-to-date The Tale of Food codes, to grant you new XP items, cosmetics, and the occasional unit to add to your team! The developer creates and releases codes on a periodic basis, so we’ll keep this page up to date with any new codes that drop or any that expire.

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New The Tale of Food codes:

Here are all the active The Tale of Food codes:

  • TTOFBACK – 100 Jade, bunny bun, meal rewards (NEW!)
  • TOF2023 – 1 bunny bun, 50 miracle stone, 5k shells, 200% efficiency rune (NEW!)
  • TOFSUPPORT – 100 Jade, bunny bun (L), and a soul core chest
  • TOFRPG – five bunny buns and speedup soap
  • TOFADV – ten speedup oil and 5,000 shells
  • TOFFANS – bunny bun (M) and two 200% efficiency rune
  • TOFSIM – three pentachrome soil and 2,000 shells
  • TOFVIP – five bunny bun and 5,000 shells
  • FOOD777 – pentachrome soil, 500 shells, speedup soap, and two 200% efficiency runes
  • FOOD333 – Yangzhou rice unit
  • FOODSTORY – speedup oil, favor giftbox, star up case, and an ingredients case
  • FOOD2023 – New Moon Plums frame
  • TOF2023 – bunny bun, 50 miracle stones, 5,000 shells, and two 200% efficiency runes
  • TOFGIFT – two 200% efficiency runes and 50 miracle stones

Expired codes:

  • TOFI
  • GIFT-A
  • GIFT-B
  • GIFT-C
  • GIFT-D

Tale of Food codes redemption box showing different menu functions

How do I redeem The Tale of Food codes?

It’s super easy to redeem all these tasty rewards in The Tale of Food. Just follow these steps:

  • Open up The Tale of Food on your device
  • Once you’re done with the tutorials, head to the settings menu by clicking the gear icon in the top-right
  • Head to the ‘Pack Exchange’ tab
  • Type or paste in the codes one at a time and hit the ‘Pack Exchange’ button

And there you go, lots of rewards to spend and use on your team to make them stronger.

What are The Tale of Food codes?

These codes, much like every mobile game worth its salt, give us unique and helpful rewards when redeemed. In-game currency like shells, XP items such as the bunny buns, and so much more can be gained – even some characters like Yangzhou Rice – completely for free!

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