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Control Army 2 codes

Get ready for battle with our Roblox Control Army 2 codes guide, and build a battalion of tiny forces ready to do your bidding, and help you succeed.

Control Army 2 codes: A roblox avatar stands in a spookly clearing, holding a torch

If you need Control Army 2 codes, we’re here to support you like a tiny army of additional units. If you’ve seen the film Small Soldiers, imagine we’re the little gremlin guys from that, and we’re so ready to grab arms and follow you into the pits of Roblox war. So, grab some snacks, do some stretches, and get ready for battle with our full code guide.

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Here are all the new Control Army 2 codes:

  • graveyard – 100 gems, one magic crystal, and one Halloween magic crystal
  • HelloHalloween – 100 gems, one magic crystal, one Halloween magic crystal, and five spooky tree branches
  • MountSpook – one Halloween magic crystal, five spider webs, five happy pumpkins, and five spooky tree branches
  • Zekechase1B – one epic magic crystal, one magic crystal, and 1,000 gold
  • sewer – five slime, five trash, and one magic crystal
  • shutdown – two magic crystal, two times loot luck potion
  • update1 – ten gems, one magic crystal, two luck potion
  • Oasis – 5,000 battle pass xp, and one Halloween magic crystal
  • Mushrooms – five red mushrooms, five blue mushrooms, five green mushrooms, and five brown mushrooms
  • BigTree – ten tree branch
  • Mountshop – one magic crystal, one two times luck potion
  • River – ten purple flowers, and ten pink flowers
  • Release – 250 gold
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What are Control Army 2 codes?

Control Army 2 codes are sets of numbers and letters that you can input into the game to bag yourself some nifty rewards. The developer Control Army Club releases codes to celebrate updates, events, and holidays. You can either follow the developer on Twitter or join the Discord to look for codes, or save yourself some time and simply bookmark this page and check back regularly. We’re always on the lookout for codes, doing all the hard work for you.

How do I redeem Control Army 2 codes?

It’s pretty easy to redeem Control Army 2 codes, just follow these nice and simple steps:

  • Fire up Roblox
  • Open Control Army 2
  • Press the code button on the top left of the screen
  • Input an active code (these are case-sensitive)
  • Hit confirm to redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

So Roblox fans, that’s all the Control Army 2 codes we have for now, but be sure to stand to attention and check back very soon. If you love Roblox games with a bit of action, make sure you dive into our guide on Aniverse Battlegrounds codes next.