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The best cool math games 2024

If you want cool math games, let us break down the best cool math games to help your kids become little Einsteins and sneak some learning into their fun.

Cool math games: Dr Kawashima's digital head from Brain Training and Smash Bros, wearing a pair of black sunglasses and smiling widely. He is outlined in white and pasted on a bubblegum pink PT background

This list of cool math games is here to hunt down the best examples of video games with an extra dash of learning on the Nintendo Switch and mobile, to help out younger players, and those of us still curious to expand the old grey matter with a bit of fun. Some of these games feature a few different types of puzzles, learning, and other tests for your brain, but they all feature a nice little bit of cool math in there somewhere.

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Here’s our guide to the best cool math games on Switch and mobile

Cool math games: A pair of hands hold up a Nintendo Switch, playing Brain training math puzzles

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training – Switch 

A classic reimagined! Anyone who owned a DS back in the 2000s likely remembers the kindly polygonal face of Dr Kawashima and the grip his educational puzzles had on the nation. The Switch sequel brings over many of the same great puzzles, including math puzzles, memory games, and some classic sudoku.

It’s also one of the only games where players hold the actual Switch upright like a mobile device and use a stylus, so it gets extra points for that. This is a great one to play regularly. Improving your brain age has now been the basis of addictive games for well over a decade.

Cool math games: a four player game is shown, where everyone must count the amount of cubes that make up a shape

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain – Switch 

If you like your learning a bit more competitive, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain is the one for you. Once again, a classic DS game brought over for the Switch era, Big Brain Academy is more of a game, with some of the brain-teasing puzzles feeling a bit like something out of Warioware.

Brain vs Brain introduces a great multiplayer mode, where you can either face off against your siblings in local multiplayer to prove who is the ultimate math wizard. Or, play online and battle to get the top spot in the rankings, proving you have the biggest brain of all. This is a fantastic budget title for families and a lovely way to learn. Check out our Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain review for more.

Cool math games: two different game boards are shown, with multiple dice on either

TENS! – Switch and iOS 

A simple and relaxing puzzle game, TENS! is a great one for slightly older players already familiar with basic math. A board shows a series of dice with new dies falling from above, and players must use quick maths to line up the dice until they add up to ten.

It’s as simple as that, but things get a bit dicier later on as gameplay gets quicker and more complicated. A nice way to relax that still feels like a workout for the brain.

Cool math games: a 2D sidescrolling level shows someone piloting a ship, but using math to do it

Numbala – Switch and iOS 

A fantastic mixture of gameplay and learning, Numbala is a real adventure game for children where problem-solving involves mathematics. Set off on a mission to rescue your dog while avoiding a giant space whale, and use the power of maths to do it all.

Numbala has also won awards for its great marriage of learning and storytelling, so this is a fantastic pick for any budding explorers wanting to brush up on their basic arithmetic.

Cool math games: A young pirate walks through a level floating on water

Mathland – Switch and mobile 

If you have a young gamer who wants to brush up on their maths, then Mathlands could be perfect. When an evil pirate called Max steals the sacred gems, it’s up to Ray to set out on a grand adventure to bring them back.

It’s a cozy adventure wrapped around basic multiplication and addition, that should work really well for ages 5-8 to spruce up some learning. So if they’re finding schoolwork a little boring, Mathland might be the perfect answer.

Cool math games: a screenshot from a mboile device shows a game board with several numbered tiles visible

2048 – mobile 

A brain-teasing game with a mathematic edge, 2048 took the mobile gaming world by storm for its incredibly addictive gameplay. A simple board is presented with a series of numbers, and all you have to do is swipe the tiles until two of the same number touch.

Keep swiping, and eventually reach the 2048 tile! There’s a bit more to it than that, but you’re better off just giving it a go. This is one addictive title that is a great pick-up-and-play game to have on your phone. Download 2048 from the App Store or the Google Play store now.

Cool math games: a screenshot from a mobile title shows a game board with different numbers visible, against a blue and purple gradient

Orixo – mobile 

Now this one is a great way to relax. Orixo is a minimalist puzzle game with a lovely, simple block-color design. Small blocks contain numbers in them, explaining how far they can move to fill out a puzzle. Almost if you built a Picross puzzle from the inside out.

You need to pay attention to get things right, and they get particularly tricky later on in the 320 puzzles on offer. Never mind a cool math game, this one is extra chill. Download Orixo from the App Store or Google Play store now.

We hope you enjoyed our cool maths games list folks, and have found a great new way to learn some things while still getting your gaming fix. If you need some more recommendations, be sure to check out our guide to the best Switch games for more great gaming experiences today.