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Crisis Core fan club guide

Whether you're a Sephiroth stan or an Angeal admirer, whether you genuinely love Genesis or vibe with zany Zack, there's a Crisis Core fan club for you

Crisis Core fan club - Sephitoth, Genesis, and Angeal fighting with swords

With the staggering popularity of FF7 and its spin-off games, along with the widely cherished characters that make the stories so special, there are likely heaps of Crisis Core fan clubs dotted around the world. But today we’re here to talk about the in-game fan clubs for Angeal, Genesis, Sephiroth, and our beloved Zack, how to join them, and what you get out of them. So grab your ‘#1 fan’ foam hand, it’s time to nerd out.

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What are Crisis Core fan clubs?

Crisis Core fan clubs are pretty much what it says on the tin – in-game groups of fans who meet to celebrate and share intel on their favourite characters. There are five fan clubs in total, with one dedicated to Angeal, another dedicated to Sephiroth, two dedicated to Genesis, and one that celebrates the main man himself, Zack.

Signing up to a fan club is a fun and lighthearted way to learn about the featured characters, allowing you to view special newsletter emails that discuss the characters’ interests, habits, and actions, as well as chat to a variety of fan club members.

Fan clubs have no practical purpose, though speaking to the head of the Study Group fan club during Chapter 4 does allow you to unlock missions 2-1-2. Beyond that, there are achievements tied to joining and uniting fan clubs on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Crisis Core fan club - Sephiroth in the foreground with Angeal and Genesis in the background

Which Crisis Core fan club should I choose?

If you’re struggling to choose which fan club to join, we’ve got great news for you – you can sign up to all of them! In fact, we recommend that you do, especially if you’re a completionist or you simply love the lore of the game. Regardless, we’ve included a brief rundown of each of the Crisis Core fan clubs below so you can see which ones appeal to you personally.

Crisis Core Red Leather

A fan club dedicated to Genesis, a First Class SOLDIER born from the Jenova Project, who also happens to be the main antagonist of the game. The Red Leather fan club often discuss the details of Genesis’ private life, even selling merchandise related to him, including replicas of his iconic coat, in order to raise funds.

Crisis Core Keepers of Honor

A fan club for Crisis Core character Angeal, a First Class SOLDIER and Zack’s mentor who passed the Buster Sword down to him. He’s stoic and serious but can be playful and teasing at times, being the first one to give Zack the nickname of ‘puppy’. The Keepers of Honor fan club passes out confidential information about Angeal’s personal life, revealing intel about his cooking skills, love of nature, and more.

Crisis Core Study Group

The Study Group fan club is another one dedicated to Genesis. However, rather than focusing on his personal life, they instead set their sites on decoding his favourite poem, LOVELESS. The club often sends out news to its members about the poem and Genesis’ interpretations of it. Study Group and Red Leather were originally one club, but they split due to their conflicting interests and differing opinions when it came to what they wanted the club to focus on.

Crisis Core Silver Elite

Silver Elite is an exclusive fan club dedicated to Sephiroth, and requires applicants to answer a series of trivia questions to prove their knowledge of the white-haired baddie. Founded over twenty years ago, it circulates highly personal information about Sephiroth, far above anything shared on Genesis and Angeal in their clubs. The members know what Sephiroth uses to wash his hair (maybe it’s Maybelline), his secret Training Room sparring sessions with Angeal and Genesis, and more.

Crisis Core Zack fan club

Okay, with Angeal, Genesis, and Sephy having their own clubs, poor Zack must be feeling pretty left out, right? I mean, it’s practically his game! Luckily, after the attack on Junon during Chapter 7, Cissnei reveals he does, in fact, have his own fans. After this point, Zack can join his very own fan club during Chapter 8. The Zack fan club gets all their intel on Zack’s personal life from a member who goes by the code name of ‘Black Suit’. Depending on your actions throughout the game, Zack’s fan club can grow to over a whopping 100,000 members, giving our sweet SOLDIER the recognition he deserves.

Crisis Core fan club - Zack in beach shorts, wielding a massive parasol

Where are the Crisis Core fan club locations and how do I join?

Most of the Crisis Core fan clubs are available to join from Chapter 2. However, keep in mind that all fan clubs are considered missables, meaning that, if you leave it too long, you’ll miss the opportunity to join.

Here are all of the fan club locations and how to join.

Crisis Core Red Leather location

During chapter two, leave the Briefing Room before you depart on your mission. Go to Sector 8 – Fountain, and talk to the Genesis Fan marked by the yellow exclamation mark on your map.

Crisis Core Keepers of Honor location

During chapter two, speak to the Angeal Fan in Sector 8 – Fountain before heading out on your mission. She’s standing next to Genesis Fan, marked by a yellow exclamation mark on your map.

Crisis Core Study Group location

During chapter two, head to LOVELESS avenue to the north of the Fountain Plaza, and speak to the Genesis Fan, in the alley next to the theatre. They’re also marked by a yellow exclamation mark on your map.

Crisis Core Silver Elite location

During chapter five, head to Sector 6 Slums – Park and talk to the Sephiroth Fan. You can get there via Section 8 Fountain Plaza by heading through the Train Station to the Slums Market, then exiting the marker and turning right to enter Park.

Sephiroth Fan asks you a series of questions, and you need to answer them correctly to join the fan club. They are:

Q: What’s the name of Sephiroth’s sword?
A: Masamune

Q: What is the name of Sephiroth’s ultimate attack?
A: Super Nova

Q: In which hand does Sephiroth hold his sword?
A: Left

Crisis Core Zack fan club location

To join Zack’s fan club, you must first talk to Cissnei in Chapter 6. The story brings you to a road where you participate in a minigame to kill as many enemies as possible. After you’ve defeated the enemy and before entering Junon Airport, get on the elevator on the side of the road. It’s marked by a yellow exclamation mark on your map.

After completing this, you get the opportunity to talk to the receptionist in Shinra Building Entrance who allows you to join the Zack fan club. The receptionist is sitting behind a desk on the ground floor of the Shinra building, in the hall that you enter from the Fountain area.

Crisis Core fan club - Zack with his hands together, likely pleading you to join his fan club

How do I unite Crisis Core fan clubs?

In chapter seven, you get the opportunity to unite all the Crisis Core fan clubs. You can do so by following these steps.

  • Speak to the Genesis Fan in Sector 8 – Fountain, and propose the idea of merging with a richer club
  • Go to LOVELESS avenue and speak to the Genesis Fan there
  • Return to the first Genesis Fan in Sector 8 – Fountain and talk to her again
  • For the Angel Fan Club, speak to the little boy looking for his mother in Sector 8 – Fountain
  • Head up to Sector 1 – Train Station and speak to the mother. Choose the ‘mother without honor’ option
  • Return to the place where you found the boy in Sector 8 – Fountain and speak to the mother again

And that’s it – everything you need to know about Crisis Core fan clubs. If you want to see Sephiroth in another game, check out our Kingdom Hearts characters and Kingdom Hearts games guide. Or, for a change of pace, head over to our Coin Master free spins list and snap up some freebies.