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Crisis Core materia fusions

Our Crisis Core materia fusion guide explains what the process is, why it’s beneficial, and what you need to actually fuse two materia together

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Looking to combine some powerful effects? Our Crisis Core materia fusion guide has everything you need to know about bringing together two powers to fuse them into one even more potent effect. With recipes for each and every combination, as well as details on how to fuse the two parts, this is the only guide you need to turn Zack into the most super of soldiers.

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Anyway, onto what Crisis Core materia fusion is.

Zack performing an attack in the air

What is Crisis Core materia fusion?

To answer this question, it’s important that you know what materia is, and if you’re a fan of any of the games set in the Final Fantasy VII universe, you’re likely very familiar with materia. Still, as a quick refresher, materia essentially gives you various perks and benefits, some aid with your health, others enable you to use different types of magic such as fire, lightning, blizzard, and more.

Essentially, Crisis Core materia fusion enables you to blend two pieces of materia together to make a new one. Many of the rarer materia pieces are only obtainable via this method, so it’s worth acquainting yourself with it.

All Crisis Core materia fusions

With countless possible combinations for Crisis Core materia fusions, it can be tough to know where to start. Fortunately, we’ve made it that bit easier with these fusion tables, with every possible pairing below. Just remember, some combinations need at least one materia at master level, so we’ve made sure to point out where and when that is applicable. 

Crisis Core materia fusion – all magic materia 

Fused materia Materia combination
Fire Blizzard + Thunder
Fira Blizzara + Thunder
Firaga Blizzaga + Thunder
Thunder Fire + Blizzard
Thundara Fira + Blizzard
Thundaga Firaga + Blizzard
Blizzard Thunder + Fire
Blizzara Thundara + Fire
Blizzaga Thundaga + Fire 
Cure Cure + Cure
Cura Cure + Silence
Curaga Cura + Death 
Regen Cure + Dash 
Esuna  Poison + VIT UP
Dispel Silence + SPR UP 
Barrier Fire + HP UP 
MBarrier  Blizzara + SPR UP
Wall Barrier + Octaslash
Drain Drain Blade + MAG UP
Drainra Firaga + Drain
Drainga Drain + Octaslash 
Osmoe  Osmose Blade + MAG UP
Osmoga Power Osmose + SPR UP
Poison Poison Blade + MAG UP
Silence Poison + Dash
Stop Stop Blade + MAG UP
Death Poison + Octaslash 
Dark Fire Fire + Poison
Dark Fira Fira + Esuna
Dark Firaga Firaga + Esuna 
Dark Thunder Thunder + Poison
Dark Thundara Thundara + Dispel
Dark Thundaga Thundaga + Esuna 
Dark Blizzard Blizzard + Poison 
Dark Blizzara Blizzara + Silence
Dark Blizzaga Blizzaga + Esuna 
Gravity  Gravity + Cure
Graviga  Gravity + Dash
Quake Gravity + Octaslash
Hell Firaga  Dark Fire + Octaslash
Hell Thundaga  Dark Thunder + Octaslash
Hell Blizzaga Dark Blizzard + Octaslash
Tri-Thundaga Tri-Thundaga + Libra
Tri-Fire Tri-Thundaga (master level)  + Libra 
Electrocute  Tri-Fire (master level)  + Libra
Flare Electrocute (master level)   + Libra
Energy  Flare (master level)   + Libra
Ultimate Tri-Thundaga + Octaslash 

Crisis Core materia fusion – all support materia 

Fused materia Materia combination
Libra Octaslash + Octaslash
Status Strike Poison Twister + Octaslash
Status Ward Stop + HP UP
Elemental Strike Assault Twitster+ + Fire
Elemental Ward Firaga + VIT UP
SP Turbo Magic SP Turbo Magic + Libra
SP Turbo Attack SP Turbo Magic + Electrocute
SP Turbo SP Turbo Magic + Flare
SP Barrier SP Turbo Magic + Energy
SP Master SP Turbo Magic + Octaslash 

Screenshot of the Final Fantasy Crisis Core materia fusion menu with different options running down the side

Crisis Core materia fusion – all command materia 

Fused materia Materia combination
Darkness Graviga (master level)  + Libra
Jump  Power Attack + AP UP
High Jump Firaga Blade + AP UP
Poison Aerial Poison Twister + Dash
Silence Aerial  High Jump + Poison Twister
Death Jump Silence Aerial (master level)  + Libra
Assault Twister Vital Slash + AP UP
Assault Twister+  Jump + Octaslash
Poison Twister Poison Twister + Libra
Stop Twister Poison Aerial (master level)  + Libra
Death Twister Assault Twister+ + Poison Twister
Power Attack Gravity + JUmp
Vital Slash Power Attack + Graviga
Exploder Blade Quake + Jump
Blast Wave Graviga (master level)  + Assault Twister
Poison Blade Power Attack + Poison 
Silence Blade Assault Twister + Poison
Stop Blade Stop + ATK UP
Death Blade Power Attack + Death
Dispel Blade Elemental Strike + Poison 
Fire Blade Fire + Power Attack
Blizzard Blade Blizzard + Power Attack
Thunder Blade Thunder + Power Attack
Fira Blade Fira + Jump
Blizzara Blade Blizzara + Jump
Thundara Blade Thundara + Jump 
Firaga Blade Firaga + ATK UP
Blizzaga Blade Blizzaga + ATK UP
Thundaga Blade Thundaga + ATK UP
Drain Blade Assault Twister + Drain
Power Drain Osmoga + ATK UP
Aerial Drain Drainga + ATK UP
Osmose Blade Drain + ATK UP
Power Osmose Drainra + ATK UP
Steal Steal + Libra
Mug Steal + Electrocute
Gil Toss Steal + Octaslash
Goblin Punch Goblin Punch + Libra
Iron Fist Gobli Punch + Dash
Magical Punch Iron Fist (master level)  + Libra (master level)  
Hammer Punch Magical Punch (master level)  + Libra (master level)  
Costly Punch Goblin Punch + Octaslash 

Crisis Core materia fusion – all special materia 

Fused materia Materia combination
HP UP HP UP + Libra
HP UP+  HP UP + Dash
HP UP++ HP UP + Octaslash
MP UP MP UP + Libra
MP UP+ MP UP + Dash
MP UP++ MP UP + Octaslash
AP UP AP UP + Libra
AP UP+ AP UP + Dash
AP UP++ AP UP + Octaslash
ATK UP+  ATK UP + Dash
ATK UP++ ATK UP + Octaslash
VIT UP++ VIT UP + Octaslash
MAG UP++ MAG UP + Octaslash
SPR UP++ SPR UP + Octaslash
Smart Consumer Steal + Dash 

Crisis Core materia fusion – item boosts

As well as combining two materia, you can throw special items into the mix to increase specific stats with the resulting fusion materia attached. The main options are all below, but be sure to try your own combinations to see what you can create. Also note, there’s no limit to how many of these items you can throw in, so don’t scrimp on the Zeo Nuts.  

Materia fusion item Effect
Lunar Harp HP attribute bonus
Fat Chocobo Feather MP attribute bonus
Zeo Nut AP attribute bonus
Hero Drink ATK attribute bonus
Adamantite VIT attribute bonus
Dark Matter MAG attribute bonus
Mythril SPR attribute bonus
Gysahl Greens LCK attribute bonus 

How does Crisis Core materia fusion work?

Before you can even think about materia fusion, you need to get your hands on a specific item, the fusion tome, from mission 7-2-1. Once you have this, you can begin to blend materia pieces together, but there are still some guidelines to follow.

For instance, if you combine a magic materia – fire, blizzard, or thunder – with a status materia, you’re guaranteed to get a ‘dark’ version of the magic materia you use, e.g., dark fire.

Zack using a materia

What are the benefits of Crisis Core materia fusion?

In a nutshell, Crisis Core materia fusion gives you the chance to add some impressive stat boosts. Depending on your playstyle preference, you might want higher attack, magic, or vitality stats, for instance, and if you use items as part of the fusion process, you can not increase certain attribute stats, but if you add an item to the equation, it can further improve your results.

Besides the potential stat increase, you can enjoy the benefits we mention above – rare materia and increased potency.

There you have it, the basics of Crisis Core materia fusion. It’s a handy mechanic that’s worth familiarising yourself with if you’re jumping into Crisis Core Reunion. If you’re after something new to play, our best Final Fantasy games list has some great suggestions.