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Crisis Core missables - missable trophies, items, and missions

Sometimes, playing a game can be overwhelming, so we’ve found all the Crisis Core missables and made a handy list to make sure nothing falls through the cracks

Crisis Core missables: The main character of Crisis Core pointing his finger at you

So you want to complete Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion – like, 100%, absolutely complete it? Then read on for our guide to all the Crisis Core missables hidden away in the game. There are some missions that can be lost if you progress a bit too quickly, and trophies that may not be apparent to new or even old players. 

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Crisis Core missable trophies

Most of the Crisis Core trophies can be missable, aside from the ‘non-missable’ chapter completion trophies and two trophies you’re granted automatically for fusing Materia, as well as performing a limit break for the first time. You might come across some as you play, but if not, we’ve got a quick list of them all so you can check them off as you go.

Remember, though, that these only apply to the console versions of Crisis Core, as the Nintendo Switch still does not have a trophy or achievement system.

All missable trophies in Crisis Core

  • My Living Legacy – Unlock all trophies
  • Missions Completed – 25%: Completed 25% of all missions
  • Missions Completed – 50%: Completed 50% of all missions
  • Missions Completed – 75%: Completed 75% of all missions
  • Mission Completionist – Completed 100% of all missions
  • Overpowered – Deal 99,999 damage to an enemy
  • Divine Rule Broken – Defeated Minerva
  • SOLDIER of Legend – Cleared the game on Hard Mode
  • Limit Break Collector – Obtained all DMW images
  • DMW Master – Achieved 100% progress for all DMW
  • Genji Equipment – Unlock all of the Genji equipment
  • Shop Completionist – Unlocked all shops
  • Fan Club Aficionado – Joined every fan club
  • Fan Club Savior – Helped every fan club continue their activities
  • Bingo! – Guessed the exact number in the number-guessing game
  • Godlike – Rated to have “godlike speed” in collecting material
  • Midgar Full of Flowers – Constructed every flower wagon type
  • Mail Completionist – Received all mail from all senders
  • Hero of the Wutai War? – Received highest evaluation from Lazard for Assault on Fort Tamblin
  • Master Mako Stone Miner – Prevented the Materia Room from being shut down
  • Banora Treasures – Collected all items and arrived at Angeal’s house before the Banora Airstrike
  • Everyone’s Hero – Saved everyone calling for help during the assault on the Shinra Building in Chapter 3
  • First-Rate SOLDIER – Defeated all virtual data in the Training Room
  • Precise Restoration – Achieved 100% recovery with the Mako Recovery Unit
  • Of Significant Worth – Judged by Hojo to be a “SOLDIER member of significant worth” in the Fusion Chamber
  • Cell Raider – Checked all cells on the 67th floor of the Shinra Building
  • Wutai’s Nemesis – Caught all the Wutai spies that had infiltrated Midgar
  • Seven Wonders Expert – Learned about all of Nibelheim’s Seven Wonders
  • Cage Opener –  Opened the path to the Cage of Binding
  • Slicin’ SOLDIER – Cut down every incoming shell
  • Master Blender –  Blended a perfume with the perfect amount of oil
  • Shinra’s Squats Champion – Achieved victory against the SOLDIER 2nd Class in the physical fitness test
  • Master Infiltrator – Infiltrated the Mako Excavation facility without being discovered once
  • Immovable Object – Defeated all enemies in Defense of the Junon Perimeter
  • Zack the Sniper – Did not allow a single Gun Bull Head to escape while sniping
  • Waterfall Chaser – Collected ten chests coming down the waterfall in the hills of Gongaga
  • Good Match for Aerith – Told by Bruno that you and Aerith “make a good couple”.

What Crisis Core missable missions are there?

Essentially, if you progress a little too quickly and don’t take time to look around and soak up all of the quests you can, there are some missable Crisis Core missions. Once you finish Chapter 7 and head off to Nibelheim, you won’t be able to go back to Midgar. The missions to look out for are:

  • Challenge from Security (Mission 1-2-1)
  • Beginnings (Mission 2-1-1)
  • Approaching the Outskirts (Mission 2-1-2)
  • Sightings in Sector 5 (Mission 2-1-3)
  • Defend the Slums (Mission 2-1-4)
  • Highway Closed (Mission 2-1-5)
  • Truth in the Wasteland (Mission 2-1-6)
  • Defeat the Scout Units (Mission 4-3-1)
  • Obliterate Advance Elements (Mission 4-3-2)
  • Foes in the Wutai Base (Mission 4-3-3)
  • Mobile Units (Mission 4-3-4)
  • The Enemy’s Stronghold (Mission 4-3-5)
  • Stop the Assailants (Mission 4-3-6)
  • Slum Development Plan 1 (Mission 6-2-1)
  • Freight Recall (Mission 7-1-1)
  • SPR Mako Stone (Mission 8-2-1)

And there we have it, all the Crisis Core missables laid out so you won’t skip anything. Why not check out our Genshin Impact codes and AFK Arena tier list for more ideas on what to play?