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DanMachi Battle Chronicle tier list and reroll guide

In our DanMachi Battle Chronicle tier list we’re breaking down the best of the bunch in this exciting new mobile action RPG and letting you know how to reroll.

Danmachi Battle Chronicles tier list: Several characters from the Danmachi Chronicles franchise are sitting on the grass in key art

If you need a DanMachi Battle Chronicle tier list and reroll guide then we’ve got your back. The exciting mobile RPG retells the events of the hit anime ‘Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?’ You can build your team, explore dungeons, and see your favorite moments all over again but with a fresh new twist. So, when exploring the game, who do you want on your team?

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Alright, folks, let’s get into our DanMachi: Battle Chronicle tier list.

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle tier list

Developer Aiming has released DanMachi: Battle Chronicle worldwide, but the game is still very fresh. In this guide, we’re breaking obtainable characters into categories ranging from S to C, but as we get more time with the game we expect things to change. We’re basing our rankings on each character’s stats, attacks, and usefulness in battle.

Tier Characters
S “Little Rookie” Bell Cranel, “Mirabilis” Cassandra, “Elgarm” Gareth Landrock, “Thousand Elf” Lefiya Viridis, “Gale” Ryu Lion, “Jormungandr” Tione Hiryute
A “Antianeira” Aishia, Ais Wallenstein, “Vanargand” Bete, “Braver” Finn, “God of Neutrality” Hermes, “God of Medicine” Miach, “Nine Hell” Riveria Ljos Alf, “Maid of Fertility” Syr Flover, “Amazon” Tiona Hiryute, “Dragon Girl” Wiene, “Absolute Shadow” Yamato Mikoto
B “Laurus Fuga” Daphne Lauros, “Red-Haired God of Smithing” Hephaistios, “Deity of the Sacred Fire” Hestia, “Follower of the Cherry Blossoms” Hitachi Chigusa, “Prum Assist” Liliruca Arde, “God of War” Takemikazuchi, “Lady of the Two-Handed Blade” Tiona Hiryute
C “War Princess” Ais Wallenstein, “Acquaintance of the Gale” Asfi AL Andromeda, “Wolf” Bete Loga, “Unconquerable” Gareth Landrock, “Divine Artisan” Hephaistios, “God of Romance” Hermes, “Delicate Girl” Hitachi Chigusa, “Queen of the Night” Ishtar, “Apothecary” Miach, “Lady of Many Looks” Syr Flover, “God of Guidance” Takemikazuchi, “Twin-Bladed Dancer” Tione Hiryute, “Blacksmith of the Flames” Welf Crozzo

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle reroll guide

Like many gacha-style games, you pull for characters in DanMachi: Battle Chronicle, and some characters are better than others. You get a couple of free pulls early on in the game, so you want to make the most of them with our Danmachi: Battle Chronicle reroll guide. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Install the game on your device
  • Login without connecting your Apple or Google account
  • Complete the opening tutorial, it takes about 15-20 minutes
  • Complete the chapter Adventure: Bell Cranel to unlock the game’s features and your first pulls
  • If you’re happy with your pulls, link your Apple or Google account
  • If not, delete the app and your data, then download and start again
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That’s all we have for our DanMachi: Battle Chronicle tier list for today, but check back soon as we’re ready to update this guide when new characters appear. For even more great mobile gaming content, be sure to check out our article covering Honkai Star Rail codes next.