Anor Londo continues to enrapture Chosen Undead with its beauty

In a world full of beauty, it’s still no surprise that many consider Anor Londo to be Dark Souls best area, though there are a couple surprising mentions

Anor Londo in all its glory

It’s no secret that there are a couple of Dark Souls fanatics at Pocket Tactics towers (we still eagerly await DS2 and DS3 on Switch), so it’s not uncommon for us to traverse Reddit as scrupulously as we can, and this time we came across a discussion that’s plagued Souls players for years – “what’s your favourite area in [the] Dark Souls trilogy?”

Unsurprisingly, it’s Dark Souls’ Anor Londo that’s a clear favourite when it comes to Dark Souls’ best area among the community, if Thefromsoftlover’s Reddit thread is anything to go by, and frankly, we get it, as we hold the city of the gods in high regard too. From the moment you first step foot in Anor Londo, the luscious golden city ensnares you with its beauty. We could go on about this incredible location, but JeffAlder puts it perfectly, “Anor Londo is this looming, ethereal, impenetrable place, that rivals [the] heavens themselves.”

However, it’s not just Anor Londo that people mention when it comes to Dark Souls areas, even the Darkroot Garden gets a mention, and while we don’t fully understand this one, we certainly don’t judge it, as every Chosen Undead has their zone, even if it’s Darkroot Garden or Darkroot Basin.

What is Dark Souls’ best area?

Besides the aforementioned Anor Londo, Undead Burg and Undead Parish make an appearance in the thread, and given these are the opening areas of the first DS game, we can understand how they might hold a special place in the hearts of many Chosen Undead. Another place that seems popular in DS is The Painted World of Ariamis – a hauntingly beautiful area, one that certainly deserves a mention.

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Of course, the question Thefromsoftlover poses in the Reddit thread is for the entire trilogy, and while the latter two games aren’t on Switch, we can’t ignore the gossamer beauty of Irithyll the Boreal Valley in Dark Souls 3, and the intricate vertical dungeon design that adorns Brume Tower in DS2.

Regardless of your favourite game in the trilogy, you can’t deny there’s beauty to be found in all three. However, should you be a DS player on Switch, make sure you check out our Dark Souls bosses guide for some assistance. We also happen to have content about Dark Souls’ Gwyndolin, Dark Souls Priscilla, and Dark Souls Sif.

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