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Dark Souls Gwynevere lore, covenant, and more

Dark Souls Gwynevere is one of the more unique characters in the game, and our guide can tell you why - it includes her lore and covenant

Dark Souls Gwynevere looking comfy

Dark Souls’ Gwynevere is a more important character than she appears to be. Trust us, there’s more to her than meets the eye, though it’s all buried deep within the lore, so you need to be willing to do a bit of digging to learn about Gwyn’s Daughter. If you don’t want to grab a shovel, that’s not a problem, for we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about DS’ Gwynevere.

We should let you know, that some of what we’re about to say ties in nicely with her younger brother and father, so once you’re done here, you should have a read of our Dark Souls Gwyndolin and Dark Souls Gwyn guides to get the full picture on this rather dysfunctional family. Or, if you’re stuck on a particularly hard fight, dive into our Dark Souls bosses content for some useful tips. We also have Dark Souls Manus, Dark Souls Nito, and Dark Souls Quelaag guides for more in-depth details.

Anyway, onto everything you need to know about Dark Souls’ Gwynevere.

Who is Dark Souls’ Gwynevere?

To use her full title, the Princess of Sunlight, Gwynevere, is the only daughter of Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight and first Lord of Cinder. As such, she’s the sister of the nameless firstborn son (who many believe to be the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3) and Gwyndolin, a poor soul who’s in for a horrific time come the events of DS3.

Due to the shame her older brother brought upon the family after he chose to help the Ancient Dragons and Gwyn’s shameful outlook on his youngest, it’s fair to say that Gwynevere is her father’s favorite child. This is especially true when you come across Gwyn’s statue in Anor Londo; it’s only his daughter who has one right alongside him, for the nameless firstborn’s was removed following his betrayal. As for Gwyndolin, the youngest never had a statue to begin with.

There’s not a ton more to say about her younger years, so let’s dive into what Gwynevere’s role in Dark Souls is.

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Where do I find Dark Souls’ Gwynevere?

It’s impossible to miss her. Seriously, she’s the one who gives you the lord vessel, a crucial item that you need in order to progress further in the game (it also means you can fast travel to Dark Souls bonfires). You find the princess in the room behind the Dark Souls Ornstein and Smough boss arena. Once here, you need to speak to her, and she gives you the lord vessel.

However, not all is as it seems with Gwynevere, for if you hit her, she’s shown to be an illusion. Suddenly a booming voice, belonging to Gwyndolin, declares you an enemy of Anor Londo. In fact, the Dark Sun is the last remaining deity in Anor Londo. The real Gwynevere left long ago, perhaps for the distant land known as Lothric where she raised numerous children. The youngest child of Gwyn uses his sister’s illusion to manipulate you, hence why you get the very item that allows you to complete your journey in Lordran.

What is the Princess Guard covenant?


  • Ring of the Sun Princess (read our Dark Souls rings guide to discover more)
  • Can use Bountiful Sunlight
  • Can use Soothing Sunlight

Despite the fact that she’s an illusion, one of the Dark Souls covenants belongs to Gwynevere. The group is all about cooperative play, as it rewards you with the soothing sunlight and bountiful sunlight miracles, both of which allow you to heal other players. However, do bear in mind that these spells await you in Sen’s Fortress and are not a direct covenant reward. Rather, the faction allows you to use them.

So if you’re after the trophy for collecting all of the miracles, you don’t have to worry about bending over backwards for her covenant, unlike with other factions in the game, including her brothers.

It’s worth noting that should you kill Gwynevere, you can no longer be in this covenant, and you’re at the mercy of the Blade of the Dark Moon covenant, meaning you can’t join Gwyndolin’s band of merry men either, and trust us when we say that they have a tendency to invade you at the most inconvinient times.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Dark Souls’ Princess Gwynevere, and her role in the game. If you’re after some similar titles to play, our lists of the best games like Dark Souls and Soulslike games have plenty to choose from.