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Our favourite Dark Souls memes

This list full of our favourite Dark Souls memes is bound to keep you from going hollow as you fight against all the odds in Lordran.

The Dark Souls series isn’t exactly a funny one to say the least, but the community manages to crank out some humanity-restoring comedy regardless. Maybe it’s due to the outrageously hard difficulty or the lore of the series being mostly buried in its item menu, regardless it’s good that these dedicated gamers find the fun in frustration. Remember, these Dark Souls memes might make you chuckle but won’t make you git gud.

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Anyway, enough joking around let’s look at some Dark Souls memes.

A Dark Souls meme that shows a man looking through some binoculars

Gwynevere Star Wars meme

There are a lot of treasure chests in Dark Souls, some containing a dangerous mimic, but let’s just say there’s definitely one chest more memorable than others hidden behind Dark Souls’ Ornstein and Smough. Also, check out Dark Souls Gwynevere guide for more info on this hefty heiress.

A Dark Souls meme that shows a dog swinging a chain

Doggo boss meme

If Dark Souls Sif wasn’t enough for you, maybe try taking on who could be her pup. Go on, I dare you to fight this doggo and still live with yourself, you monster. Saying that, FromSoftware still finds a way to make him as hard as Dark Souls Manus.

A Dark Souls meme of a shirtless man running with a metal helmet on

Solaire time travel meme

Dark Souls’ Solaire is one of, if not the most memorable character from the land of Lordran. Once you meet this charming sun-worshipping chap you’ll not just fall into a deep friendship, or possibly even fall in love, but you will also do anything to prevent his unfortunate fate.

A Dark Souls meme with two cartoon characters talking about a cave

Solaire invincible think meme

Solaire may be everyone’s favourite sunbro, but let’s just say he should put a few levels into his intelligence stat. His grand journey to find his own personal sun, somehow leads Solaire deep underground into Lost Izalith instead of, you know, in the sky. Solaire, I love you buddy, but come on.

A Dark Souls meme with Daniel Radcliffe holding two guns while Ron Weasley looks on with a pained look on his face

Harry Potter speedrun meme

Dark Souls is an extremely difficult game to perfect, but who doesn’t love a good speedrun that, while impressive, makes you feel that you’re awful at the game? Yes, that’s Daniel Radcliffe from the movie ‘Guns Akimbo’ where he has guns stuck to his hands. Because why not?

A Dark Souls meme that shows a cute dog asleep in a pot plant

Puppy covenant meme

There are a lot of covenants in Dark Souls, all with their own ambitions and secret goals whether they be benevolent or malicious. With a host as cute as this adorable little pond bowl dog, this covenant would never be short of members. We’ll call this the Pond Pups covenant, where you can only rank up by giving him treats.

There’s our little collection of Dark Souls memes, if you’re looking for more info on one of the hardest game series check out our Dark Souls bosses guide as well as our guide on all of the Dark Souls rings.