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DBD welcomes Konami’s iconic gothic horror to the fog

DBD is famous for exciting collabs on new chapters, and this time it’s welcoming D&D lich king Vecna and the much-adored Castlevania franchise to the fray.

Castlevania's Dracula on a bloody red background featured in the Dead By Daylight teaser trailer

Dead By Daylight collaborations truly are the gifts that just keep on giving. As it approaches its eighth birthday this summer, the iconic asymmetrical horror is introducing a number of new chapters, with the first welcoming the well-known (and well-feared) Dungeons & Dragons big bad, Vecna, and the next introducing Konami’s much-loved Castlevania franchise to the fog.

The latest chapter begins today, with Vecna joining the roster of DBD killers and a plucky elf bard squadding up with other survivors, inviting you to roll the dice, run for your lives, and take on the lich king in his sprawling dungeon. But developer Behaviour Entertainment also confirmed that a Castlevania chapter is also coming to Dead By Daylight, swiftly following our Dungeons & Dragons adventure.

The Castlevania crossover was only very briefly teased right at the end of Behaviour Interactive’s anniversary showcase, with a promise that more information is coming on August 6, 2024. So comes the very night incarnate, accursed and ravenous.

Although we haven’t seen any gameplay footage from the DBD and Castlevania collab just yet, we do get some beautifully unsettling visuals that show the infamous vampire in all his transformative glory against a blood-red backdrop of his imposing castle. We can’t speak for everyone, but we definitely want to see Dracula join the ever-growing roster of DBD killers, and we would absolutely love to play some survivor games as renowned vampire-hunter, Simon Belmont. We’d hope for a Castlevania map, too, because we’d take any excuse to explore every iteration of Dracula’s castle.

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Behaviour Interactive definitely know how to pick their collabs, and with an ever growing list of Dead By Daylight characters that span multiple franchises, the developer shows no signs of slowing down as it adds more and more gaming and pop culture favorites to the horror game.

In the meantime, DBD Dungeons & Dragons debuts very soon on June 3, 2024, and welcomes renowned voice-actor and the dungeon master himself, Matt Mercer, as the voice of Vecna. With mimic chests, dice rolls, and the first non-human survivor in elf bard Aestri Yazar, dungeon-crawl your way out of the fog by besting the mage-turned-lich-king and bagging yourself some otherworldly magical items as you go.

We’ve got plenty of suggestions for the best horror games to sink your fangs into while we wait for the Castlevania collab, plus we talk through everything we know about the Dead By Daylight movie. If you want to enter the fog and grab some freebies for your troubles, we also have a full list of DBD codes for you to stake (heh, get it?) your claim to.