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Our favorite Dead by Daylight survivor is pretty Ace

It turns out Ace is one of the most popular Dead by Daylight survivors, alongside the likes of Jill and Claire from Resident Evil and Ash from the Evil Dead.

Dead by Daylight Survivor Ace in front of The Hag in the swamp

It’s spooky season, so we can’t help but search every nook and cranny of the web for some interesting conversations, and we found a forum asking an intriguing question: who is your favorite Dead by Daylight survivor? Oh boy, we just know the answers must vary with this one – the game boasts 39 playable survivors at the time of writing, some of whom have been in the game since its release in 2016.

Okay, so we know there are some great Dead by Daylight characters out there, though we have a fondness for some of the Dead by Daylight killers, that’s not the topic of this discussion, so let’s dive into the Behavior Interactive forum, and see who’s gets the love this Halloween. A popular answer is Ace Visconti, and you know what? We’re on board with this one.

Ace is a longstanding survivor, debuting in DBD in Chapter 3: Of Flesh and Blood in December 2016. In case you’re curious, the killer from that DLC is The Hag, but she can’t get back into the swamp where she belongs. Ace is a popular choice due to the way he can boost the team while in a trial, though that’s not to say other survivors don’t get a big mention in the discussion forum.

Who are the most popular Dead by Daylight survivors?

Besides Ace, Meg and Nea pop up a few times as picks for the favorite original characters, but what about licensed survivors? Well, unsurprisingly, Ash Williams from Evil Dead is a beloved choice, as are both Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine and Resident Evil’s Claire Redfield. We’re on board with all of those picks, but we’re missing a vital survivor here.

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One of the most iconic survivors from the entire horror genre is Ellen Ripley. She’s badass all around, and that goes for in Dead by Daylight, too, so if you ever want to give a new character a try, we suggest Ripley. She’s been a beast since the Dead by Daylight: Alien expansion released back in August.

Actually, we can go one step further and suggest a bunch of horror games for you to try this October. We have triple-A and indie options that are sure to scratch that horror itch. Oh, and before you go, make sure you check out our Dead by Daylight codes guide; we know you need all the help you can get against The Entity.