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The latest DBD killer is proving to be a wicked challenge

DBD’s The Unknown is tripping up players, continuing to be a pain for survivors even a month after its arrival in the horror game.

Dead by Daylight's The Unknown peering menacingly behind Sable, who's front and centre with a scared look on her face

Behaviour Interactive released DBD’s All Things Wicked chapter on March 12, 2024. Almost a month after its release, Dead by Daylights’s The Unknown remains a nuisance for many players, with some survivors completely clueless about how to overcome this terrifyingly efficient killer.

Of course, the difficulty of any Dead by Daylight killer varies heavily due to the multiplayer aspect of the game, as one player is unstoppable as a certain character, while others simply can’t get to grips with their perks and abilities. Unfortunately, as Cumli’s Reddit post explains, they are seriously struggling against The Unknown, though the replies indicate that they aren’t alone in their struggle.

Admittedly, they’re a “returning player,” meaning they’re a bit out of the loop when it comes to the more recent killers and Dead by Daylight characters. I have to admit, I’m quite lucky in that I’ve managed to avoid coming against The Unknown for the most part, though I can’t deny that I do have a sense of impending doom whenever I do. Redditor ConfidentLimit3342 does have some stellar advice for those who need it, though, explaining that you need to “avoid hugging walls. They are a death sentence against a good unknown with aura reading.”

If that isn’t enough help for you, boneless_dip goes all in on how you can increase your chances of survival against The Unknown – “you can look at the unknown for ten seconds to lose weakened, and his teleport (hallucinations) can be dispelled.” To clarify, while in the weakened state, you receive damage when you touch a blast area, extending the length of time you remain weakened. It can be quite a vicious cycle that contributes to the difficulty some of you may experience when facing this killer.

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Going into more detail on the killer hallucinations, the Redditor explains that The Unknown “only gets four hallucinations at all times, the hallucinations take 45 seconds to spawn, have a cooldown of 25 seconds (which the survivors can see by looking at the hallucinations), can be dispelled by the survivors even during cooldown and is partially controllable, so differently from Skull Merchant he can’t pop an hallucination at every loop.”

In a nutshell, as boneless_dip states, “A survivor that doesn’t try to loop so close to a wall or a team that is always dispelling the hallucinations can give a really hard time to The Unknown.” So, it’s entirely possible to turn the tables on the latest DBD killer, even if it’s a menacing creature who gives a distinct sense of dread. Also, and I can’t overstate this enough, the performance of a killer (and your fellow survivors) is entirely subjective, with it all coming down to individual skill sets.

Should you be in need of some extra bloodpoints to strengthen your characters, make sure you read our Dead by Daylight codes guide. Who knows, you might even find that powering up Sable Ward, the survivor from All Things Wicked, helps you overcome The Unknown. Or, if you want to try some different yet still terrifying experiences, give our list of the best horror games on Switch and mobile a read.