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Deepwoken mantra - tier list and guide

Our Roblox Deepwoken mantra guide is here to help you pick which power suits your hero best. Gear up and get ready for magic with our guide.

Deepwoken mantra: a screenshot from the Roblox game Deepwoken shows three Roblox avatars dressed in magical gear, all facing forward

Every Roblox Deepwoken mantra is the key to a new powerful spell, so you need to get to know these exciting incantations if you want to become a master in the game. Deepwoken is an…ahem, deep Roblox game, but if you learn how to wield your magic then you are well on your way to victory.

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Let’s make some magic with our Deepwoken mantra guide

What are Deepwoken mantras? 

Deepwoken mantras are the Deepwoken equivalent of magic. They are sometimes called Images of the Song as well. Each mantra gives you access to another type of spell, and they help you in battle. Rarity separates the mantras, with the game having a mixture of legendary and rare mantras.

How do I find Deepwoken mantras? 

You earn a new Deepwoken mantra each time you power up and earn a new whisper. Otherwise, you can earn an additional mantra by finishing the Kelsius quest you find on the Isle of Vigilis. However, you can also reroll your mantras by offering five knowledge to the Shrine of Temptation, located on the second floor of the Crypt of the Unbroken in Minityrsa.

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Deepwoken mantra tier list 

Tier Mantra
S Ice daggers, gale lunge, fire forge, rising shadow, radiant kick, gaze
A Jolt grab, master’s flourish, coral spear, astral wind, ice forge, flame leap, spark swap, glacial arc, ice lance, ice skates, exhaustion strike, heavenly wind, shadow roar, crystal impale, shadow gun
B Fire blade, judgement, sinister halo, ice fissure, tacet drop kick, wind gun, flame assault, gale punch, shadow assault, ice smash, arc wave, flame grab, shadow eruption, arc beam, flame wisp, iceberg, thunder kick, shadow meteors, rapid slashes, burning servants, lightning blade, lords slice, rising wind, lightning clones, brachial spear, strong left, dark blade, illusory servants, blinding dawn, beast burrow, shoulder bash, flame blind, tornado, equalizer, eclipse kick, lightning beam, ash slam, wind carve, rapid punches, lightning stream, lightning cloak, dash, storm blades, rising flame, glare
C Shadow seekers, ice eruption, shadow bringer, clutching shadow, frost grab, celestial assault, lightning strike, air force, frozen servants, illusionary realm, gale wisp, crystal knee, ice lasers, pressure blast, flame repulsion, brace
D Bolt piercer, electro carve, sing, ice beam, rally, fire eruption, wind blade, mecha gatling, fire gun, dread breath, champion’s whirlthrow, ice chain, flame repulsion, galetrap, tornado kick, sightless beam, ice spikes

Alright Roblox fans, that’s all we have for our Deepwoken mantra guide today. For even more great guides, be sure to head on over to our articles covering Deepwoken oaths and Deepwoken talents next.