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The best Deepwoken talents

Check out our guide to some of the best Roblox Deepwoken talents in the game, how to get them, and what the talents do for you in-game.

Deepwoken talents: a character behind a bar with a horned helmet

Any adventurer knows that boosts and buffs are a key part of their inventory – these Deepwoken talents equip you with extra skills and actions to improve your performance as you crawl through dungeons and fly across fields. Deepwoken is a huge game, but keep in mind that it’s not a free Roblox game and costs 400 Robux to play.

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Now, let’s see how to get some Deepwoken talents.

What are Deepwoken talents?

Deepwoken, as an RPG, is filled with different elements and items to boost your stats – one of which is talents. They come in a variety of rarities including common, rare, and advanced, and can relate to different areas of expertise like oath, mantra, and mystery.

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The best Deepwoken talents

Here we’ve picked out a few talents that are especially good, from each rarity level, as the full list of talents is incredibly long.


A rare talent and Galebreathe exclusive, this talent allows you to hold the spacebar to generate a wind current, saving you from falling to your doom from a high place. It also adds +2 passive agility and +5 elemental intensity.

  • Prerequisites: 35 Galebreathe and 30 agility

Spine Cutter

A rare talent that initiates a second slash when hitting an enemy in the back, after a roll cancel. It adds +6 carry load, +2 passive agility, and deals true damage.

  • Prerequisites: 20 strength and 25 agility


An advanced talent that’s an Ironsing exclusive. Bleed damage is halved when you have this talent, and blood loss is 75% less. Your bleed damage deals 15% more, too.

  • Prerequisite: 100 Ironsing

Scorched Peak

A common talent and dual attunement, this means any blockbroken enemy on fire, or with a fire mantra, gets struck by lightning.

  • Prerequisites: 50 Thundercall and 25 Flamecharm

Thresher Scales

A common and quest talent that regenerates armor at campfires and provides +5 health.

  • Prerequisites: ten power

Brazen Blow

A common talent for great axe users. When attacking an enemy slowed by your great axe, you gain temporary hyper armor.

  • Prerequisites: Great axe, Impairing Blow, and 30 heavy weapon mastery

How do I get Deepwoken talents?

So, how do you get a good deck of talent cards to use? As you start Deepwoken, you get some for free, and then unlock more as you progress and fill different requirements. Each talent has a set of requirements for you to get it including what levels your character has, progression, or other miscellaneous duties.

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