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Diablo Immortal wizard build guide

Summon all manner of spells and sorceries to save Sanctuary, with our Diablo Immortal wizard build guide, including all the best skills, gems, and stats

Key art of Diablo Immortal's wizard casting a spell

If myths and legends have taught me anything, it’s always the most magical heroes who can defeat a great evil, and Diablo Immortal’s wizard lives up to that stereotype. Still, with so many spells and incantations to choose from, and a geometry lab’s worth of gems on offer, it can be difficult to know how best to equip your sorcerer for the perils of Sanctuary. 

Fortunately, we’re here to provide some alchemic assurance with a comprehensive Diablo Immortal wizard build guide. If you haven’t played as the class before, you can expect a combination of powerful ranged magic moves and control skills than can turn the game on its head as if it were, well, magic. 

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Best Diablo Immortal wizard skills

As a ranged/intelligence class battler, the wizard excels at firing off spells and sorceries from the back of the pack, with a couple of utility options for if you ever find yourself forced into the fray. Unlike some of the more flexible classes, there isn’t any real variation of playstyle with the wizard, but what they do well, they do incredibly well, so there’s no point trying to force things with a melee orientated mage. 

Screenshot of Diablo Immortal's wizard using a magic attack

Like every other class in Diablo Immortal, the wizard has two primary skills, one that they begin the quest with as default, and one unlocked later at level 34. The default primary attack, magic missile, throws a bolt of magical energy at an enemy dealing damage. The level 34 attack unlock, electrocute, deals chain electric damage to up to four enemies. We suggest switching out to electrocute as soon as you hit the unlock level. 

Skill Unlock level Skill type Skill effect
Arcane wind One Charge/damage Blow a gust of wind toward enemies, knocking them back slightly and dealing damage (50% damage increase on burning enemies) 
Lightning nova  Three Damage Throw ten balls of lightning that hit up to six opponents before following you back to your location 
Teleport 15 Dash Teleport (three charges) 
Black hole  38  Control  Create a three-second black hole that sucks enemies in while dealing damage 
Meteor  41 Damage/control  Call forth a magical meteor, stunning enemies and dealing damage for three seconds before dealing six seconds of burn damage to enemies in the AoE
Slow time 50 Control Slow all enemies in a target location by 50% for 6.5 seconds, as well as slowing all enemy projectiles by 80%

As you can see from the list, not only does the wizard have a lot of heavy-hitting potential, but they’re also blessed with a couple of solid control options, with black hole and slow time having the ability to flip a battle on its head in a single instance. 

Screenshot of Diablo Immortal's wizard in costume

Best gems for Diablo Immortal wizard

Depending on your team composition, or your playstyle, there are two options for the most important gem to equip to your wizard. The first is berserker’s eye, increasing attack power for the sacrifice of more damage taken, which works best with our suggested back-of-the-pack build. Or, if you feel you’ll find yourself in the fray more often than not, blessing of the worthy deals random retribution damage to help you out in a jam. 

Gem Effect
Blessing of the worthy Deal retribution damage up to 12% of your full life total every 20 seconds
Berserker’s eye  Boosts damage output and damage taken 
Chained death Amplifies damage the more enemies you’re currently facing, and works especially well against large groups 
Fervent fang The opposite of chained death, fervent fang is ideal for boss fights as it increases attack damage when facing a single foe 

Best stats for Diablo Immortal wizard

As you should anticipate, intelligence comes before all else in a Diablo Immortal wizard build, and strength is essentially an irrelevance. In terms of vitality, fortitude, and willpower, you want to pay all of these equal attention to try and give the wizard a bit of extra bulk and resistance, though it depends on your team composition, as if you’ve got a reliable shielder/healer, you can concentrate almost purely on intelligence. 

With that, you should be ready to whip out the old spellbook and decimate some demons with Diablo Immortal’s wizard. If all this has you craving some more spellbinding experiences, why not take a browse of our picks for the best wizard games. And if you’re playing the latest game, then check out the best Diablo 4 Necromancer build, a full Diablo 4 classes list, and the PCGamesN team and Blizzard’s recommendations for the best Diablo 4 builds.