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Disgaea RPG tier list - every four-star character ranked

Find the best four-star characters with our Disgaea RPG tier list

Disgaea RPG’s global edition features a large range of characters, meaning it can be tough to work out who to add to your party. If you’re new to the game, or even if you just need a little bit of team inspiration, read on to find a list of the best four-star characters and information on how to perform a reroll.

We will update our Disgaea RPG tier list when any new character arrives in-game, or when an update drops that changes how they perform in combat. It’s fairly easy to reroll for the character you want at the start of the game, so we recommend rolling until you get one of the four-star characters we have listed in the S-tier category below.

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Now, without any further delay, let’s get into it!

A group of Disgaea RPG characters in a dark castle

Disgaea RPG tier list

Tier Disgaea RPG character
S Desco, Girl Laharl, Laharl, Pure Sicily, Valvatorez
A Almaz, Attired Rozalin, Christo, Dark Artina, Dark Santa Laharl, Emizel, Fuka, Kyoko Needleworker, Majorita, Meaver, Ms Rasperyl, Sicily, Swimsuit Girl Laharl, Usalia
B Etna, Fallen Angel Flonne, Fenrich, Flonne, Gordon, Mao, Mid-Boss, Red Magnus, Rozalin, Swimsuit Desco, Swimsuit Flonne, Thursday, Xenolith, Yukimaru
C Adell, Artina, Barbara, Axel, Jennifer, Killia, Raspberyl, Seraphina, Zeroken

How to perform a Disgaea RPG reroll

It’s very easy to reroll in Disgaea RPG. Right after you log in for the first time and choose your name, you’re able to reroll as much as you want for a four-star character by pressing ‘start over’.

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