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Disney Dreamlight Valley welcomes over one million residents

The Disney Dreamlight Valley one million players number is a joy to see, as many people to this fixer-upper into a magical kingdom of epic proportions

Mickeey Mouse walking through a beautiful town thinking about the Disney Dreamlight Valley one million players

It’s barely been a week since Gameloft’s life sim Disney Dreamlight Valley hit the scene in early access, yet many people already call the magical valley home, and who can blame them? Yes, the place is a fixer-upper when you arrive, but it has a lot of potential and given more than one million people live there, we must be right about that.

Yes, Gameloft can already celebrate the Disney Dreamlight Valley one million players milestone, a feat that can take some games months, if not years, to achieve, yet this whole new world is enticing the masses already. Several members of the PT crew are also part of that impressive figure, and given we say “we can’t recommend Disney Dreamlight Valley enough” in our Disney Dreamlight Valley preview, it’s not hard to see why.

Honestly, the thought of more than one million valleys out there with individual touches is lovely, though it does make us wish we could visit them. Perhaps it’s a feature that might arrive in-game further down the line. In the meantime, residents of the magical world can rejoice in knowing that a Disney Dreamlight Valley update is on the way, and it intends to combat the Disney Dreamlight Valley crashes issue.

How long did it take Disney Dreamlight Valley to hit one million players?

It took the game just nine days to hit the impressive milestone, so we can only imagine how many people will live there in six months.

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