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How to get Disney Dreamlight Valley rich soil

You'll need a whole heap of Disney Dreamlight Valley rich soil if you want to complete Scar's quest and craft some of those magical Miracle Growth Elixirs

Disney Dreamlight Valley rich soil with a player taking a selfie

Among the many materials, ingredients, and other bits and bobs you can collect in Disney Dreamlight Valley, rich soil is an extremely valuable resource. With some truly crafting recipes that require mountains of rich soil, we all grabbed our shovels and headed out into the fields with a sense of determination. However, you can’t farm DDLV rich soil the same way you do normal soil, with it instead requiring a little extra magic and luck to collect. But don’t worry, with this handy guide we go over the best way to get it, as well as all the uses we’ve found for it so far.

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How do I get Disney Dreamlight Valley rich soil?

Instead of digging as you would when collecting normal soil, to get rich soil, you need to pull on your overalls and get farming. Disney Dreamlight Valley rich soil has a chance to drop every time you harvest a crop, regardless of where you are. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like any buddies increase the drop rate for rich soil, regardless of whether they specialise in farming, digging, or anything else, so you’re on your own for this one.

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What’s the quickest way to farm Disney Dreamlight Valley rich soil?

If you’ve harvested all your current crops and still don’t have enough rich soil, the quickest and most cost-effective way to farm it is by growing wheat. You can purchase wheat seeds for one star coin each in Peaceful Meadow, and they only take a minute to grow. Keep planting, watering, and harvesting a bunch of these beauties, and you’ll have enough rich soil to keep you going for a long time. Check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley seeds guide to see seed prices, grow times, and more.

What is Disney Dreamlight Valley rich soil used for?

Disney Dreamlight Valley rich soil is required for Scar’s quest, Nature and Nurture, in which you need to craft a Miracle Growth Elixir and use it from your inventory to upgrade your watering can, allowing you to tend to the Orb of Nurturing that you plant in front of the Sunlit Plateau’s pillar. The Miracle Growth Elixir recipe requires 1,000 dreamlight, ten rich soil, and ten vitalys crystals, the latter of which you can farm from the Vitalys Mines.

Disney Dreamlight Valley rich soil crafting recipe for Miracle Growth Elixir

Outside of the quest, you can continue to use Miracle Growth Elixirs from your inventory to apply a buff to your watering can. After using an elixir, the next ten dry crops you water mature instantly – no waiting required!

There’s also an upgraded version of the elixir, called Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir. The recipe for this requires a hefty 2,500 dreamlight, 25 rich soil, and 25 vitalys crystals to craft, but is certainly worthwhile. You use it the same way you would use a Miracle Growth Elixir, but instead of ten crops, it instantly matures the next 25 crops you water.

These super handy potions are great for completing quests or making heaps of money over a short period of time. Whether you’re growing bell peppers to earn star path points, or hoarding a whole heap of pumpkins in an attempt to amass a wealth even larger that Scrooge’s.

That’s it for our Disney Dreamlight Valley rich soil guide – may all your crops flourish with these handy tips. For more magical experiences, check out our top picks for the best Disney games and the best Mickey Mouse games on Switch and mobile. Or, if you’d rather sit back and enjoy some cartoon classics, head over to our Disney Plus download guide.