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Kabam’s Disney Mirrorverse mobile game boasts five million players

Kabam’s mobile game Disney Mirrorverse has hit five million players, and we’re thrilled to see so many guardians take the fight to the Fractured

Stitch running forward with his tongue flapping in the wind as he shoots his green laseer gun in celebration of Disney Mirrorverse's five million players

Disney Mirrorverse finally hit the mobile scene back in June, and it’s fair to say that it’s a success with fans (check out our Disney Mirrorverse review to see why), and since its release, more and more players have rushed to defend the mirrorverse from the abominable Fractured.

In fact, according to a tweet from the official Twitter account, Disney Mirrorverse has five million players. That’s a lot of guardians that are ready to fight the good fight. You all happen to be a vocal bunch too, as the community has no problem with letting Kabam know what they’d like to see when it comes to improvements.

For instance, the Disney Mirrorverse energy recharge time is a bit of an issue, especially as you progress further in the game and increase your level. Unfortunately, the latest Disney Mirrorverse update didn’t do much to address this mechanic – a crying shame, as for 24 hours, the recharge time was halved, and that made it much easier to actually play the game.

However, it’s still a fantastic mobile game that the community still appreciates, even if Aladdin lacks a royal trait, but that’s a discussion for another time (an interesting debate for sure).

How long did it take Disney Mirrorverse to reach five million players?

Kabam’s mobile RPG hit the impressive figure in less than two months, so it’s certainly exciting to think about how many guardians there could be when it comes to the six-month mark.

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