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Dungeon Quest Yokai Peak guide

In our Roblox Dungeon Quest Yokai Peak guide we lead you through the challenging sixteenth dungeon and all its spooky yokai and oni mobs and bosses.

Dungeon Quest Yokai Peak: The blue dragon, Tatsu Lord of Tides, outlined in white and pasted on a blurred Yokai Peak screenshot

Dungeon Quest’s Yokai Peak is the newest challenge in the Roblox MMORPG and it’s filled with tough mobs, complex boss battles, and tons of great loot as a reward. If you need a hand navigating this super-difficult level, keep reading this guide to learn more about the challenges ahead.

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Let’s get into everything you need to know about Dungeon Quest’s Yokai Peak.

What is Dungeon Quest’s Yokai Peak?

Yokai Peak is the sixteenth dungeon in Dungeon Quest. It came out on October 13, 2023, and takes its name and theme from Japanese folklore, specifically yokai. The map features red torii gates that frame stone temples, flanked with bamboo and koi fish statues.

As this is Dungeon Quest’s most recent level, you need to be at least level 200 to tackle it on Insane difficulty or level 205 on Nightmare difficulty. If that isn’t intimidating enough, you also only have 15 minutes to clear the entire dungeon. Good luck!

Dungeon Quest Yokai Peak: Some mobs from Dungeon Quest

Yokai Peak mobs

Here’s a list of all the overworld mobs that you can encounter in Yokai Peak:

  • Pincer Warrior
  • Tide Walker
  • Tide Kitsune
  • Shadow Imp
  • Giant Shadow Imp
  • Shadow Stalker
  • Pyro Caster
  • Yokai Shogun
  • Yokai Sorcerer
  • Fire Imp
  • Fire Stalker

Yokai Peak bosses

Yokai Peak features three mini-bosses and a fourth final boss that you must face to conquer the level. Here are all of their details.

Dungeon Quest Yokai Peak: The blue dragon, Tatsu Lord of Tides, outlined in white and pasted on a blurred Yokai Peak screenshot

Tatsu, Lord of Tides

Tatsu, Lord of Tides is a blue Japanese dragon who appears as a mini-boss encounter in room three of Yokai Peak.

Move name Description
Lightning Bolt (passive) Tatsu constantly attacks you with lightning until you step into the arena to face it
Head Slam Tatsu slams its head into the floor in an attempt to squash you. It signals its target with a red rectangle on the floor
Lightning Storm Tatsu flies into the sky, becoming invulnerable to all forms of attack. It then creates pulsing blue circles of lightning
Spinning Beams Two beams appear in a cross formation and move counter-clockwise, dealing constant damage to anyone touching them. After turning 180 degrees, the beams switch to moving clockwise
Tidal Breath Tatsu roars at the sky and summons a wave of water circles that deal continuous damage
Tide Circles Light blue circles appear on the ground and spin counter-clockwise. If you touch the circles, they deal continuous damage to you
Whirlpool Tatsu dives into the pond and creates a whirlpool, becoming invulnerable. The whirlpool drags you in, dealing small amounts of damage over time. To deal damage to Tatsu during this attack, you must attack the summoned Tethers and other mobs to break its invulnerability

Sangor, the Bloodthirsty

Sangor is a red, humanoid oni, a type of demon from Japanese folklore, who acts as the mini-boss of the sixth room. He wields a kanabō, which is a spiked club that samurai traditionally used.

Move name Description
Sangor’s Leap Sangor leaps towards its target, slamming the ground and creating a sun-burst attack
Whirlwind Spin Sangor deals AoE damage to a target by spinning
Blood Spin Sangor uses Whirlwind Spin to travel across lines in the arena, which also burst into flames
Sangor’s Curse Sangor curses you with an anti-healing debuff by roaring. To remove the curse, you must find and stand on the green circle in the arena, which spawns randomly
Blood Circles Sangor spawns circles of blood in the arena which create a wave that damages you
Kanabō Swing If you get too close to it, Sangor swings its kanabō and deals AoE damage to you
Flame Shockwave If you haven’t entered Sangor’s arena, it will spawn a flaming rectangle that constantly damages you until you enter
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Commander Leonaru

Commander Leonaru is the third mini-boss of Yokai Peak and inhabits the ninth room, just before the final boss. It is an anthropomorphic lion that wields a naginata, or Japanese polearm.

Move name Description
Crying Swords (passive) A bright yellow sword appears above you and damages you until you enter Leonaru’s arena
Explosive Squares and Lines Leonaru summons vertical and horizontal lines that deal explosive damage to you on impact
Explosive Square Chunks Leonaru summons and explosive square that covers a quarter of the arena and travels around the arena until it completes a full circuit
Naginata Throw Leonaru throws its naginata at you, dealing damage
Blade Barrage After Leonaru throws its naginata, a flurry of blades appear and deal additional damage to you
Explosion Orb Leonaru summons an explosive orb on you, trapping you in a specific radius. If you can lure the orb onto Leonaru, you can deal a small amount of damage to it
Falling Swords Yellow swords rain from the sky in a specific area of the arena
Naginata & Claw Swing When you get too close to Leonaru, it will attack with its naginata or its claws if it has thrown the naginata
Temple Laser Eyes The giant statue in the arena attacks you with its laser eyes

Dungeon Quest Yokai Peak: Sarugami the magma monster outlined in white and pasted on a blurred Yokai Peak screenshot


Sarugami is a monkey spirit oni and the final boss of Yokai Peak. It resembles a giant volcano with magma veins and glowing rocks. Sarugami has a total of seven moves and two phases, but to keep it challenging, the Dungeon Quest community prefers not to share its moveset. You’ll have to take everything you’ve learned in the previous battles and use it to defeat Sarugami for good.

That’s everything you need to know about Dungeon Quest’s Yokai Peak. For more challenging exploration experiences, check out our list of the best dungeon crawler games on Switch and mobile.