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The best dungeon crawler games 2024

Take on a new challenge in the best dungeon crawler games on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms, and loot to your heart’s content.

dungeon crawler games: an adventurer standing in front of a cave of monsters

There’s nothing better than blasting through room after room, collecting shiny resources and prizes while destroying plenty of enemies. That’s why we’re presenting our list of the best dungeon crawler games on Switch and mobile so that you can join the fun. Hack, slash, and sprint your way through level after level in these games laced with exploration and interesting combat mechanics.

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Now, unleash yourself into the best dungeon crawler games out there.

dungeon crawler games Boyfriend Dungeon: a sword talking to you with text options

Boyfriend Dungeon – Switch

First up is Boyfriend Dungeon – a dungeon crawler where you can date your weapons. We’ve all wanted to at some point, right? Daggers, spears, and swords all await you as eligible bachelors with alluring personalities in this innovative ‘shack-and-slash’ by Kitfox Games.

In total, there are seven Boyfriend Dungeon characters – or weapons – to romance, as you work at your summer job. Here, your task is to clear creatures out of the tainted ‘dunj’ and earn money to purchase Boyfriend Dungeon gifts for your prospective partners. We’ve got a delightful Boyfriend Dungeon review for you to pore over if you like.

dungeon crawler games: a stage in Moonlighter with a ghostly enemy

Moonlighter – Switch and mobile

Though it may officially be a roguelite, Moonlighter definitely falls in the dungeon-crawler genre – with a retail twist. You take on the role of a shopkeeper who wants to be an adventurer and hero. Thankfully, you can fulfill this by tackling the dungeons near your town in order to collect items to sell in your shop.

As you delve into deeper dungeons, you can get new upgrades and better equipment, as well as more lucrative products to entice customers into your shop. Still on the fence? Give our Moonlighter review a read, right here.

A busy stage in dungeon crawler games Crypt of the Necrodancer featuring pixelated characters and dragons

Crypt of the Necrodancer – Switch

Perhaps classic dungeon crawler games are getting a bit stale for you, in which case we recommend Crypt of the Necrodancer, a rhythm-based game boasting a gnarly difficulty and banging soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky.

The key is to move to the beat as you head through endless dungeons, in an effort to face the NecroDancer and claim back your heart. There’s also a Zelda-themed version, Cadence of Hyrule, that adds Link and Zelda as playable characters, along with notable locations and songs.

dungeon crawler games Cult of the Lamb: a lamb wielding a sword in a circle of fires

Cult of the Lamb – Switch

Cute doesn’t usually go along with dungeon-crawling, but Cult of the Lamb is here to prove that it works. In a world filled with false prophets, you decide to do the right thing and create your own cult. Then, you need to travel out into the world to grow your following and spread the word of your ideals.

Cult of the Lamb features a fun loop featuring building and dungeon crawling as you collect resources to build up your base and following. Just don’t get on the gods’ bad side, OK? Here’s our Cult of the Lamb review for a detailed look into the darkly darling game.

dungeon crawler games Enter the Gungeon: a stage with an enemy firing cobwebs out

Enter the Gungeon – Switch

Bullet hell fans – this one’s for you. Enter the Gungeon places you into a band of misfits hell-bent on looting and shooting through dungeons in order to achieve absolution. And get as much treasure as they can, including a mystical gun that can ‘kill the past’.

Get your dodge rolls ready to avoid plenty of attacks as you attempt to descend to the bottom of the Gungeon, where no two places are the same. It’s an adaptive labyrinth of rooms where your every move can change the challenges you face.

dungeon crawler games: a battle in Slay the Spire with two enemies and cards on the screen

Slay the Spire – Switch and mobile

Slay the Spire also changes up the dungeon-crawling scene a little by mixing in card games to create a single-player deckbuilder dungeon crawler. Your objective is to slay the spire and collect cards, relics, and creatures along your path.

There are over 300 cards and 200 items to create powerful decks and combat equipment with, giving you an edge in almost every battle. Remember, though, that every time you climb the spire it changes, giving you a different challenge.

dungeon crawler games torchlight Infinite: combat between a character and monsters on a stone building

Torchlight: Infinite – mobile

Set in the Torchlight series, Torchlight: Infinite is available on mobile platforms and offers you a great dungeon-crawling experience in an isometric style. We’ve got a Torchlight: Infinite build guide and all the Torchlight: Infinite codes for you if you’re interested.

Build up your skills and collect heroes to build as you progress through a high-fantasy story and face off against wave after wave of enemies, using magic and might to beat them.

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