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This accessible pixel platformer is a love letter to retro gaming

Playtonic Friends revealed the Elsie release date window for Nintendo Switch, bringing this accessible and colorful game to handheld fans.

Elsie release date: Key art of Elsie, an android girl with blue hair, orange skin, and futuristic clothes with devil horns on her hat, outlined in white and pasted on a blurred key art bakcground

Alongside announcing the Elsie release date window, the Guerrilla Collective and Access-Ability Showcases revealed that we can now look forward to joining Elsie and Andru on their action-packed adventure on the Nintendo Switch. Plus, Playtonic Friends and Knight Shift Games gave us a detailed look at the game’s multitude of accessibility options.

Elsie is a colorful, roguelike action platformer filled with procedurally-generated retro-inspired levels to explore and kick bot butt through. It’s games like Hades that inspire the game’s epic boss battles and endless replayability, offering diverse and interesting gameplay with each run thanks to upgrades and various combat styles.

During this year’s Access-Ability Showcase, the portion of Summer Game Fest 2024 dedicated to spotlighting games with accessibility settings that go above and beyond, Playtonic Friends showed off Elsie’s in-depth settings menu. You can adjust the game’s background saturation, add background blur, crank up the font size, and apply colorblind-friendly filters to suit your access needs.

With additional options linked to screen shake, controller rumble, invincibility, and more, it’s clear that Knight Shift Games and Playtonic Friends are determined to make Elsie as accessible as possible for disabled gamers with a range of impairments. Historically, Switch games have had fewer accessibility options than their PC counterparts, so it’s awesome to see indie developers taking the time to include console gamers in their accessibility initiatives.

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Elsie release date speculation

According to Playtonic Friends, Elsie is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS5, and PC in summer 2024. As soon as we have more information, we’ll update this page. In the meantime, wishlist Elsie on Steam to show your support.

That’s everything we know so far about the Elsie release date. For more upcoming releases, make sure you check out our most anticipated new Switch games and new mobile games lists. We’ve also got all the details about the next Honkai Star Rail update for you to peruse.

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