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Eminence in Shadow tier list and reroll guide

If you’re looking for an Eminence in Shadow tier list to get your head around the meta, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive rankings and reroll guide

Screenshot of a character using green magic for Eminence in Shadow tier list

Trying to figure out the best character in Crunchyroll’s cult-killing title? Look no further than our Eminence in Shadow tier list. Ranking all the playable characters available in the game, we’ve picked out the cream of the crop so you can try a few top-tier fighters to see what gels with your play style. Better still, we’ve also got an Eminence in Shadow reroll guide, so if you do want a specific character, we can point you in the right direction.

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Eminence in Shadow tier list

From S down to D, our Eminence in Shadow tier list ranks every character currently in the game on how they perform in battle. Of course, with buffs, nerfs, and the possibility of new characters all coming to the game in due course, these standings are likely to change, but we’re confident that you can take this advice and get on with cutting apart cults for the time being.

Tier Eminence in Shadow character
S Shadow, Alexa Midgar, Delta, Alpha
A Cid Kagenou, Epsilon, Eta 
B Rose Oriana, Iris Midgar, Gamma, Nu 
C Claire Kagenou, Beta
D Shelly Barnett, Zeta

Screenshot of an Eminence in Shadow character playing with her hair for Eminence in Shadow tier list

How do I perform an Eminence in Shadow reroll?

If you aren’t happy with the character you roll the first time around and want someone from the upper echelons of our Eminence in Shadow tier list, there is a way. With the possibility of an Eminence in Shadow reroll, all you need to do is simply follow these steps, and you can switch out your current hero for a new one.

  • Go to the title screen
  • Select the menu option in the top left of the screen
  • Hit delete account
  • Register a new account
  • Complete the tutorial and missions one through four and roll again!

There you have it, the only Eminence in Shadow tier list and Eminence in Shadow reroll guide you need to take on the challenge at hand. For more exciting titles with the good gacha vibes, check out our list of the best gacha games.