Eroica tier list and reroll guide

Setting off on a new mobile adventure? Our Eroica tier list has all you need to get to know these characters or reroll for someone stronger.

Screenshot of characters from Eroica across the screen for Eroica tier list

Looking for an Eroica tier list? You’re in the right place. The recently launched fantasy RPG from developer 4:33 Creative Lab is making waves on mobile platforms, and as players set off on an adventure in this anime-inspired world, it’s only natural to want to build the best team possible to tackle those pesky monsters in your way. The world of Isekai is a dangerous one, and other players will be ready to fight against you soon.

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Here’s our Eroica tier list.

Eroica tier list: a young girl with bright pink hair stands dynamically in front of a large battle ship

Eroica tier list

The key to building a team in Eroica is to remember that each character has their own set of skills, and can excel in damage, healing, debuffs, and more. Build your team around your best characters, and choose wisely to make sure they complement each other. Still, some characters are more worth your energy and resources than others, so we’ve broken down the heroes of Eroica into six distinct tiers based on their individual stats and abilities.

Rank Characters
SS Orslaha, Melavi, Sei, Gaffs, Mintz
S Lisa, Sumi, Wraith, Xenia, Kipkirui, Milena
A Destar, Guts, Stella, Muto, Soare, Freyja, Florence, Verol
B Nene, Luna, Marion, Cascarson, Chloe, Stella, Cursebay, Luna
C Lenn, Nero, Emuwald, Airi, Retinya, Damian

Eroica tier list: a screenshot from the game Eroica shows a team of four characters fighting monsters in front of a wooden ship

Eroica reroll guide

You might want to start your adventure in Isekai with a particular type of character, so, while it’s a little time-consuming, performing an Eroica reroll can be worth your time to make sure you get the best characters from our tier list. With a small workaround, players can pull their first characters and decide for themselves if this is how they want to start building their team.

To perform an Eroica reroll, follow these steps:

  • Open up Eroica and start playing with a guest account
  • Play through the tutorial levels until you unlock the chance to do ten pulls on the current banner
  • Use your ten pulls and see what characters you unlock
  • If you’re not happy, uninstall the game and start over
  • Once happy with your pulls, make an account and continue from there
  • Enjoy!

That’s it for now players, but as Eroica is only just getting started we expect to be building up this tier list over time with even more exciting characters. For more help with your gaming, be sure to check out some of our other great guides like this one covering the Tower of Fantasy map.