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Eroica tier list and reroll guide

Setting off on a new mobile adventure? Our Eroica tier list has all you need to get to know these characters or reroll for someone stronger.

Screenshot of characters from Eroica across the screen for Eroica tier list

If you’re jumping into 4:33 Creative Lab’s fantasy RPG, our Eroica tier list is here to give you a helping hand. Not only do we have rankings for all the characters in the game, but we’ve also got an Eroica reroll guide so you can try again if you get bad luck on your first attempt. For all the important details, just keep reading.

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Here’s our Eroica tier list.

Eroica tier list: a young girl with bright pink hair stands dynamically in front of a large battle ship

Eroica tier list

If you’re trying to put together a top-tier team in Eroica, the important thing to keep in mind is that each character has their own skills in terms of dealing damage, healing, and dishing out debuffs. You need to build a team that synergizes well with each other. It’s no use having fantastic damage dealers if you’ve no healer to keep them from dying. However, SS and S-tier characters are the ones to look out for, with C-tier options struggling to pull their weight in battle.

Rank Characters
SS Orslaha, Melavi, Sei, Gaffs, Mintz, Kipkirui, Cake Cutter Sumi, Sweet Patissier Milena
S Lisa, Sumi, Wraith, Xenia, Milena, Party Dress Mintz Wraith, New Year’s Hope Luna, Chavi, Hainell
A Destar, Guts, Stella, Muto, Soare, Freyja, Florence, Grun, Party Dress Mintz, Summer Hunter Orslaha, Halloween Party Airi, Water Splashing Luna, Hildegard
B Beach Flower Xenia, Marion, Stella, Cursebay, Luna, Lenn, Verol
C Cascaron, Lenn, Nero, Emuwald, Airi, Retinya, Damian, Chloe, Nene

Eroica tier list: a screenshot from the game Eroica shows a team of four characters fighting monsters in front of a wooden ship

Eroica reroll guide

You might want to start your adventure in Isekai with a particular type of character, so, while it’s a little time-consuming, performing an Eroica reroll can be worth your time to make sure you get the best characters from our tier list. With a small workaround, players can pull their first characters and decide for themselves if this is how they want to start building their team.

To perform an Eroica reroll, follow these steps:

  • Open up Eroica and start playing with a guest account
  • Play through the tutorial levels until you unlock the chance to do ten pulls on the current banner
  • Use your ten pulls and see what characters you unlock
  • If you’re not happy, uninstall the game and start over
  • Once happy with your pulls, make an account and continue from there
  • Enjoy!

That’s it for now players, but as Eroica is only just getting started we expect to be building up this tier list over time with even more exciting characters. For more help with your gaming, grab some goodies with our free Monopoly Go dice and Coin Master free spins guides.