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Error 143 answers for each ending

Do you want to spend the rest of your life with Micah? Or get him to leave you alone? You can do this and more using our Error 143 answers.

Error 143 answers: Micah looking at the camera in his bedroom with posters on the wall

Jenny Vi Pham’s multiple-ending visual novel might leave you with an ending you didn’t expect – so here are all the Error 143 answers you need to unlock the different conclusions. In Error 143, you end up in chats and on video calls with your hacking rival, Micah Yujin, and start to realise that maybe there’s something there that isn’t just an adversarial relationship. 

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How many Error 143 endings are there?

In total, there are three different endings to get in Error 143. There’s the Good, the Bad, and the Marriage. The endings have error names, which fit the theme. One ending is much more secretive than the others, so we advise reading on to see how you can unveil all three endings with Micah. 

Error 143 answers

Here are the correct answers to get the three specific endings in Error 143: 

Error 1 – the bad ending

This ending has two parts, both of which need you to be negative with Micah about his feelings for you, on two occasions.

Day 1 – 

Micah tells you he has a present to send to you. Choose:

  • “Whatever stalker ;P”

Then choose: 

  • “I feel uncomfortable”

Micah tells you he thought he picked up a vibe, but sadly this is not the case in this instance.

Day 3 – 

You find yourself on a call with Micah. He says that “the only thing that would make me happier is if you’d admit your feelings for me”. Respond with: 

  • “In your dreams”

He then asks if you want him to stop. Tell him:

  •  “Yes, I want you to stop”

Micah disconnects from your chat and is obviously feeling quite hurt, and sadness ensues. This is the ‘bad’ ending, depending on how you feel about the situation. 

Error 143 – good ending

For this ending, you need to continue through the game without picking the options listed above. This will get you to the true ending, where Micah will eventually appear in real life, at your window, ready to sweep you away on a first date. There are no specific requirements to get this ending except being romantic and sweet towards Micah. 

Error 211 – the marriage ending

After Micah declares that he’d “never say no to a rematch”, during your first-ever chat, he wants to test your hacking skills again – which makes sense, given that you’re essentially rivals. There is a minigame where you can type in what you want. If you type ‘MARRY ME’, Micah will meet up with you in real life, and you will get married! 

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